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  1. April 1 2012 VA SCALER is hosting a scale Boulder Bash
  2. Va Scaler made into the news paper
  3. Welcome to are VA-SCALER CLUB
  4. Camp and Crawl
  5. VA Scaler is housting a Camp and Crawl TTC Event
  6. Official Chesapeake, VA beach, Suffolk Trail Run Thread
  7. RC flea market / Swap meet
  8. Hobby Hutt is hosting RC Flea Market May 19th 2012
  9. VA Scaler is invading Belle Isle June 30th
  10. VA SCALER Fall Brawl at Boulder Bash
  11. Picked up this for are scaler events
  12. VA Scaler is hosting a La-Thon Ware Memorial RC Car Show and More
  13. Merry Christmas from VA SCALER
  14. FB GROUP!!!!! Trying to get this back together!!