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09-11-2010, 02:55 PM
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Long story short... I ordered an item from an online store that I've spent literally thousands with. Always perfect service, fast shipping, not a single complaint with them. It shipped out via UPS. Took longer than usual to make it way to the "local" terminal. (Local is about an hour away to the nearest one.) So it's out for delivery Friday (yesterday). Great, finally! Night gets here, no UPS truck. So I check the tracking, says the address is incorrect and UPS is attempting to obtain the correct one. Sucks but it's not the first time by a long shot. This is a regular occurrence. So as usual, I call them up to give them directions and assure them that the address is correct, only to find out that it's already left on a truck, on it's way to California back to the shipper! WTF? So after many calls last night and this morning, to both the store and UPS, all I've managed to get out of them is basically a big F-U! Apparently there's absolutely nothing UPS can do to route the package back here, no for me, or for the shipper. They are pretty much saying that it's going to be sent back to the store in Cali. and there's nothing anyone can do, no supervisors, manager, nothing. All because one stupid driver is either not willing or not able to do his job. So, now I get to wait while the package makes it's way back to the store, so they can refund the order, then I get to start all over again and hope it makes it. I guarantee you if there's an option for anything other than UPS I'll pay extra for it! :D

/Rant: off


(Hate is such a strong word, and the only one that comes to mind that I can use without banning myself afterward... ;))

09-11-2010, 03:16 PM
Wow that's such a waist of time! I've never had anything like that happen.. But I did have UPS show up at my door and say "here is your package. if you want it give me an extra 40$ delivery charge. If you say "no" you won't get your pakage". I try to avoid there "services" any chance I get..


09-11-2010, 03:33 PM
I dealt with them twice. The first time it was a lack of knowledge of the fine print on both mine, and the seller's (CKRC) part and the item was shipped to my post office box. UPS won't ship to a po box. IK had to get the item deilvered to my work, and being a govenment department it required some pulling of favors down the line to get it signed for and relayed back to me for collection from teh stores depot. Not too bad, everything sorted.

The second and last time was when I got my Slash 4x4 from A Main. If I wanted it insured, it had to be UPS. So, I arranged for it to be delivered at 1.45pm to my house. It was christmas eve, so I wingled with my boss to leave early (12.00) so I could be there to collect it. So, when I returned home (12.35), and did the first chore of returning home, harvesting the junk mail out of the letterbox and straight into the recycling I noticed that the Slash had been delivered and hidden behind the trash can. So, what's the deal about post office boxes if the driver feels signatures are not compulsary when he wants to knock off early and hit the turps?

I really hope, when this thread is 20 pages long that someone form UPS will read it.

Now, when I order from places like RC4WD who give an option, it's USPS EMS all the time, and if UPS is the only option at other places I will take my business elswhere.

09-11-2010, 04:53 PM
Keith I had a similar thing happen to me a couple years ago but with medication I take(I hate having to mail order but that is the only way my prescription plan will pay for a maintanence drug). I knew it would be delivered and was off that day, spent the whole day waiting checking the tracking number about 3pm I looked and it said could not be delivered address was wrong. I called and pitched a fit with a manger at our local terminal and ended up having to go meet the driver. What it come down to was he was to lazy to walk 50yds to our house becauase he was a afraid to drive his truck up our road. We have also had them leave stuff sitting in the middle of our street. I try at all possible not to have anything shipped UPS anymore and if it's the only option I try and have them ship to my job, at least they can seem to find a business.

09-11-2010, 05:10 PM
Well that sucks. If it makes you feel any better you should ask 'Joker' about the Royal mail here in the UK. Some of his rants lately whilst he's been waiting for his package have been priceless.

I don't like waiting as much as the next person, but in a time like this all i can suggest is ( Woosar ) Oh, and having a lump of 2/2 waiting for when he finally delivers your package.

09-11-2010, 05:23 PM
What's the issue with your address? is it simply a matter of making it more clear to a passing truck? is there another address (friend, neighbor, etc) you could use instead that would be easier? Did you **** off the driver in the past, lol?

09-11-2010, 05:25 PM
the filter covers "p!ss"?

09-11-2010, 05:31 PM
I'll never buy another Dell computer, simply for the fact that the delivery company they use here in the UK are useless, lying, lazy, :censor: 's.

If I have to wait in for a delivery a second day when it was never delivered the first day, it can cost me more in lost earnings than the :censor:'ing computer is worth!!!!

It's a shame because appart from the delivery company, I quite like Dell computers (have bought 7 or 8 of 'em over the years).

These companies that want our money should consider the quality of the delivery companies they use and not just go for the cheapest.

Hope you get it sorted Keith. :chug:

09-11-2010, 05:52 PM
What's the issue with your address? is it simply a matter of making it more clear to a passing truck? is there another address (friend, neighbor, etc) you could use instead that would be easier? Did you **** off the driver in the past, lol?

The only issue I can see is that it's one of the last two houses at the end of a gravel road, you've got to keep driving for another mile after the houses stop, then there we are... ;) I can see how a new driver might be doubtful , but it's not like it's a dirt road out in the woods... It's a parish maintained road with signs and everything, and is always kept up. There's two drivers that work this area, one of them is always on time, real polite, couldn't do a better job really. The other one, I've only seen about twice. (So yeah, he does in fact know where the place is, he found it before!) The good driver of the two will admit and laugh about how dumb the other one is. I usually don't have an issue waiting a day or two having to "correct" the addres, which is in reality just waiting for the other driver to come back on and bring it. What really gets me this time, is the fact that they were just so quick to send the package on it's way back to the shipper, and that they claim it to be humanly impossible to turn it around again and deliver it.

09-11-2010, 05:55 PM
I really hope, when this thread is 20 pages long that someone form UPS will read it.

It won't do any good, not until they're closing the doors having gone bankrupt. One or two of them might realize that, "Hey, maybe we should have stopped ignoring all the little guys! Yeah it's the big businesses that made us money, but without the little guys to receive packages from the big businesses, they might as well not exist!"

09-11-2010, 08:47 PM
Well at least a little good will come from this... ;) I got the first order refunded, and already re-ordered from another store for $106 vs. the $139 I paid for the first order. Save a little money, get it sent out again sooner. I guess this is the "damage control" phase... lol

The sad part is it will probably ship UPS again. There was no options to choose the shipper, but if it goes out UPS, the FIRST thing I'll do as soon as I have tracking info is call them up with explicit instructions on finding their way to my house.

Either way I need to figure out who to contact at UPS for a formal complaint. It's an isolated problem that's gone on long enough. Surely they can figure out a way to solve it.

09-11-2010, 09:03 PM
I shipped two engines,one 21 up Briggs & Stratton and the other a 24 up Briggs both going seprate ways across the u.s.
Both were ship in custom built wooden crates and bolted inside the crate,no movement.
I paired extra for the insurance cause I sold them both for $400 each and ups only covers $100 free insurance.
Well both engines got damaged along the way,one driver admitted that ha ran a fork from the forklift thru the box,the other God knows what happened but both engines arrived with busted crates and broken parts.
I was unemployed and eBay holds my money until buyer leaves feedback so I couldn't get paid until both buyers were happy. And they were ****ed
Anyway UPS wouldn't cover it cause I didn't have receipts proving that I bought the damaged goods,both engines had over $300 damage and I had to refund the damages before either would leave feedback so I could collect.so I pretty much gave away two like new engines cause ups has a retarded insurance policy,so if it's something you don't have a recipt for insurane won't cover it

09-11-2010, 09:29 PM
I was on the receiving end of a four wheeler engine shipment a few years ago, this was with DHL though. They left it here at my house with a busted crate, and the case was busted inside. It looked like it was dropped. I never did get anywhere with that one, best case I would have been out the money to ship it back to the seller for a refund. It was cheaper to fix the engine myself. That was the first and last time I bought one online... :lol:

09-11-2010, 09:36 PM
yeah I had fun with dhl... weighed transmission was fine... pallet it up strapped down etc ... weigh again just fine... they take it and then refuse to deliever it unless I pay extra $200 because it was over weight had to drive to warehouse to pick it up myself, funny part of story is the warehouse was 30 mins away from the ship to address so I ended up taking it there myself and never paid them a dime

09-12-2010, 12:01 AM
I read this, but then again I only work at The UPS Store, not corporate.

Basically, when a customer wants me to pack their item, I fill it with bubble wrap and peanuts, because I don't want to be responsible for when the UPS driver plays soccer with it (they are rough at times). :lol:

09-12-2010, 03:06 AM
well we've had some pretty crappy service at times here - The Royal Mail/Parcelforce can be terrible at times, can be ok at other times. City Link is pretty dire though, I have seen the drivers pick up and throw packages into the back of the van, including packaged up PC monitors(old skool CRT's with glass fronts/tubes)...ah well at least they were being shipped off for repairs :lolbeat:

Best one for me was Omega - delivered to a street with a similar sounding street name and house number, in a different town with a different area, postcode, etc 5 miles away from where I live. Luckily for me the owner recognised 80 worth of thick Aluminium sheet and thought it was worth phoning me to come get it. This was from RS components btw just so people know...

I'm sure I had a pic of a UPS & DHL van crashed into one another...I was gonna post it here... I guess this will have to do instead:

09-12-2010, 04:50 AM
i have a confesion, i've worked for parcel force, city link and dhl in the past

sorry guys, i hope you can all forgive me

09-12-2010, 08:21 AM
Hey so far DHL have given me good service...so far ... :lolbeat: