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03-17-2011, 12:53 AM
Hi im new to this fourm. Have quick question I bought a new venom safari creeper today. First run drove foward for a minute,then reverse tried to backup agian an nothing.Reverse not working everything else seems to be in workin order just no reverse.Any advise on what might be the problem would be appreciated.

03-17-2011, 12:55 AM
sadly, Venom rigs are not the highest of quality from whats been posted here on the forums. It sounds like you have an ESC problem. reset the ESC according the the instruction manual and see if that fixes it, if not, you may have to send it back for replacement, depending on how new it is.

but try resetting the ESC first.

03-17-2011, 12:57 AM
X2 and http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/4781/iconwelcome.gif

03-17-2011, 01:23 AM
yea i bought it for my wife, were she will stop asking to drive my scx10 an it broke the first run that sucks.The shop i bought it from said that i needed to check it out real good because venom hasent been putting them togther well. So it had a few lose screws. Thanks for the advise but i cant find anything in the manual on how to reset the esc?

03-17-2011, 01:34 AM
I just done a quick search on google to see if I could find any info for you, and I came across this:

Someone else had the same trouble you do. It don't say exactly how to reset it, but there are some other suggestions there. It might help :nice:

03-17-2011, 01:42 AM
thanks for the help man i think this might solve the problem.

03-17-2011, 01:48 AM
:chug: No problem. I hope you can find something there to fix it. If not, you could probably bring it to your local hobby store, and they might know how to reset it, or be able to set you up with a better one or replace that one.

03-17-2011, 01:50 AM
yeah the hobby store i bought it from is just right down the road im sure i can take it back there an they will fix it or replace it. I just wanted to try to figure out the problem myself.

03-17-2011, 01:55 AM
I can't see it being too hard to figure out..unless its completely shot, then there's nothin you can do. You might want to double, and triple check all the connections in and out of the esc too, just in case. I wish I could help more, but i've never used a venom esc before.

03-17-2011, 02:04 AM
yeah it has to be in the esc because i checked all the conectors also checked the rmote it came with.It has a digital screen you can look at graphs on it that shows signal output on foward an reverse throttle.It is sending signal to the reciever forsure so it has to be inside the esc.No worries thow taking back to the hobby store tommorow.So it will be up an runing soon thanks for the help man.

03-17-2011, 02:09 AM
Glad to help a little :chug: good luck with it.