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2Beers 02-04-2015 06:25 AM

"Stepping it up" another 63 GMC build.
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1963 GMC 4x4
Long bed, Custom cab.
"This will be my keeper."
All efforts I can possibly muster will be put into this one.
No rushing, long build. More details.. Back to my roots... Wood body.
Be looking for me to revisit and redo some more of my builds also.
Willys wagon and pickup.. and a 64 ford also.
On the pictures. Here is where I'm at so far.
12 hours in the bed alone. Now I'm starting on the cab.
Paint scheme is already figured out. Also I will be combining Different parts for the chassis..SawBack..TF2..and some scratch built.
Ordered the 1.55 slot mags, 1.55 MTZ..not for sure yet on them..Lots more to get coming.
Long ways to go, but its a serious start. Thanks for looking and enjoy.

Trini2DBone 02-04-2015 06:50 AM

Wow! Awesome already! You been holding out on us! Lol! :hippo:

2Beers 02-04-2015 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by Trini2DBone (Post 1021855)
Wow! Awesome already! You been holding out on us! Lol! :hippo: I'm just really into making this as best as i can. Fully concentrating on the tasks involved..... A very serious build for me...and i'm so enjoying above all others ... I have a fire within.....
Thanks buddyyyy.

scalecrawler18 02-04-2015 07:53 AM

Fantastic start on yet another 2brews build!!

Watching intently :popcorn:

FLB 02-04-2015 07:56 AM

"Hey Rocky, watch me pull an RC build out of my hat.....!

Awesome! You are the RC ninja! Can't wait to see this one progress.

2Beers 02-04-2015 08:07 AM

LOL..Thanks guys..
I apologize about so many other builds started...
Ive been wanting to replace this for quite awhile now...and If I keep building this version.. their should be improvement... Right?

Fast as fast can'll never catch me..hahahaaa. ohh.

Trini2DBone 02-04-2015 09:27 AM

Damn! I got to gets me a secret build too....! Lol! :lolbeat:

Man that tray is to die for...been staring at it for the past 20 mins ..spectacular man!

heartless 02-04-2015 06:11 PM

I knew he had to be up to something - he has been FAR too quiet lately! ;)

Awesome start, my friend! look forward to seeing more! :D

ChevyBot 02-04-2015 06:33 PM

I agree. 2beers has been oh so quiet and it's not like him. Now I see why! Man I love that bed and the tailgate is amazing! Looks like great progress on the cab as well! Really want to know the paint scheme though!

muddslinger 02-04-2015 06:38 PM

awesome start on your gmc 2beers.i love this body style and so far from what i see you ve nailed the body lines!!i'll be paying close attention to this one for sure.

ttvortex 02-05-2015 02:08 AM

That's just fantastic! I can't wait to see more, but no pressure, take it easy, we'll wait ;)

Blissard 02-05-2015 02:56 AM

Nice work! Are you going with lexan or styrene ? ? ?

FLB 02-05-2015 05:11 AM

Done yet?

RCJEEPBUILDER 02-05-2015 06:06 AM

Great start!

2Beers 02-05-2015 06:31 AM

4 Attachment(s)
I pop in to check the progress on my other favorite builds and then a peek at mine.
Holy smokes.. "thanks everyone".
I had an hour last night to sit and relax and get another part of the construction done. Rear cab started and made a cube.
I have scaled this one up a lil more then the other bodies I have done. Hand drawn Looking like the looks are going to be very close.
I'm fully engrossed into this one people. Ive also started To think about the chassis rails also and how I may want to do them. Thinking 1/2 metal square tube again but more realistic.... Pretty sure I will pick up a TF2 just for all the parts and scaleness, I'm wanting the new scale engine and tranny also.
Along ways down the road.. But the idea is to build a matching offroad trailer to tow behind.
This will be my Daily driver and I'm thinking about taking it around my area for photos. From forest to desert, Give you a taste of the diversity of my wonderful state "Idaho". In the long run... hope it tells a great story and makes for an entertaining life.
That's the plan........ Now I just need to git after it.
Here is a small update.. Not much as im seriously in no hurry and Loving every single minute of it... Thanks again everyone..most appreciated.

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