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igotit 08-01-2018 12:40 PM

3d printed airboat
design credit goes to RCLifeOn
i printed in petg so its a lil heavy,also had 3 power outtages while printing so its a 4 peice hull.
15 1/4 length
-1 roll filament $20
-2204 2200 kv motor $5
-5 inch 3 blade prop $1.72
-20 amp esc $13
-3s 1300 mah $14
-budget 6 ch tx/rx $40

its still a work in progress,havent water ****** yet but its a blast on carpet and tile floors.
its cheap and easy to setup and build.
im designing a prop guard aswell.

just thought id share

20180731_130306 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr
20180730_192415 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr

igotit 08-05-2018 01:11 PM

i finally got around to testing the airboat,no video thou.
on 3s she will do around 20 mph but i have issues i need to adress.with just my lil 3s battery in her she bow heavy and really affects performance.
so i settled on stuffing 2-3s batteries esc and reciever as far back as i could stuff rode better but still bow heavy and steered on its own due to bow low,and splashed alotta water inside the i added 3 heavy rocks and got her almost managable and around 15-18 mph with a 15 min runtime.
original design was for 4s heavier pack all the way to the rear.
so im thinking my next move is heavier battery and trim the thrust angle.
something else to consider is that i printed in petg 3 wall.original was in lite weight pla and ony 2 is a whole different animal compared to original .
but overall im happy so far.

20180805_132601 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr
20180805_133337 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr
20180805_133412 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr

igotit 08-10-2018 05:10 PM

the new hull with improvements is built,time to figure out balance and hopefully test ride soon.

20180810_161709 by Nick Pellegrin, on Flickr

2Beers 08-11-2018 05:05 AM

Looking Fantastic…
So much win.

Thousand......dollars that is ahahahaaa.
Man your killing it with all the cool fun scratch builds...Love it.

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