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crunky 02-10-2009 09:51 AM

very cool pics again.
i esp liked the fleet lineup pic, very impressive.

have you ever thought of coating the ramps with that aggresive " rhino liner " style coating ?

Lil Giants 02-10-2009 11:30 AM

I screw asphalt shingles to the wooden ramps, which works great, until they fill up with dirt.

Fireman700 02-10-2009 02:31 PM

try the all weather anti-skid stuff they use on wheelchair ramps, you should be able to get it at the depot or lowes or any hardware store.

Vforce 02-13-2009 09:23 AM

Amazing work as always Joe.
Glad to see you settled in here on scale4x4:nice:

Lil Giants 02-15-2009 11:15 AM

Thanx Ole :chug:

Well my Junk 740 is on the workbench again, this time the front axle is toast! The front pinion and crown gear are skipping, the diff case is full of filings. All the torque to all three axles is put thru this front pinion.

This model is such a DUD! I've got less than 15hrs run time on it in 1.5yrs... it'll likely be as long 4 months waiting for a replacement as I have to return this axle through PMD to get any service for it.

I'm looking at the Stahl Volvo dumper, with it's six individual motors in the axles, to replace this piece of crap 740... during the 1.5yr past the release date of this 740 model, I was contemplating cancelling my pre-order sub & getting the Stahl dumper, now I'm wishing I had done that!

There were quite a few german hobbyists who called it early on that this transmission/differential axles idea would be a failed idea in this model... the 740 is a good looking model, but anything more than running around on a hard flat surface and this drivetrain will disengrate!

mog 02-15-2009 09:49 PM

sorry to hear about the bad news so you can get wonrty or is this out of your poket? have to do a retor fit with some grear motors

Vforce 02-16-2009 03:40 AM

The way I see it Joe -Wedico, and a few other company's should recognize the wast amount of free testing you have done/are doing for them.

Somebody should get you on a plane, and have a major sit down with you at the company HQ. Picking your brain about what this long term, extensive use/testing of they're products have revealed of pro/cons. And translate that information into future upgrades.

Better still - they should come to your basement, so you dont have to put your project (which we are addicted to) on hold:nice:

At the very least, they should upgrade you to THE Alfa tester, and keep you in stock with free spare parts!!!

Wedico have been very good to me, dealing with the minor problems I've had. That said - my 966 GII will prolly never see the kind of hours you have on some of your equipment.

I'm sure you'll get the 740 up and running again, but as we all know: unplanned down time is a PITA:lol:

Lil Giants 02-16-2009 01:56 PM

Don't know Martin, hope so... although quite a bit of time has past since purchased. I talked to Ric today, he told me to take pics (although my camera was unable to show the damage with any clarity) and he'll forward them to Wedico Germany so that maybe they'll send out a replacement pronto. I'll dropped this axle in the mail tomorrow, back to PMD.

How you flatter me Ole. :wave: :chug: :rofl:
I've made a few comments on one particular german forum of some of the flaws of this 740 and I heard back on what I said from Ric (PMD) of what Rainer thought... Rainer was not impressed with my insight. That said, I won't be buying anymore wdc for a very long time, if ever!

Harald Stahl & Klaus Leimbach have been very good to me over the yrs, dealing directly with me on some of the problems I've had with their models, and very minor problems at that.

Yrs ago, after nearly 4yrs of intense labor of my 922, one side of the boom broke & Leimbach sent me new pieces free of charge, including shipping. 4 months ago, Harald Stahl cut me new motor pinion gears for my dozer track motors & sent the parts free of charge within two days of my email inquiry.

Both gentlemen have answered many of questions I've had and have provided me great service during the last decade that I have boughten from them.

Ppl complain that their models lack alot of detail (compared to other manufacturers in the marketplace), but the performance of their models are second to no one! I've had thousands hrs of enjoyment from the half dozen models of their's that I own and I'm looking at adding two more models to my collection in the near future.

My WA500, I've put numerous batt packs thru it this winter & it's still going strong with not one problem! I luv this loader, it works xllnt!!! The right amount of balance of power & ability. :nice:

ddc333 02-17-2009 01:22 AM

Hi Joe

Its good to see your thread continue over over here pity it had to come to this:dunno:

Pity to see the 740 like that !! Its a pity that wedico are so pig headed as to not see the flaws in these models and look to improve them. I'm truly amazed when you consider the cost :smackbutt:

Hows your winter been anyway???


Lil Giants 02-17-2009 07:31 PM

Hello Daniel :wave:

Yeah, I miss the Garden too, I've got thousands of hrs into that place, but since the Update last December I can not get it to work, the pics will not appear within the threads for me... and I seem to be in the minority with this problem, so no one has a clue to what could be wrong. :thinking:

Oh well, Scale 4x4 is an awesome forum to use with many great builders here with volumes of knowledge to be sourced for this hobby. :nice:

Wedico... their pot metal models are too weak for me! In my experience, Wedico is more about accuracy in scaled looks rather than performance & durability... a glorified diescast model would be an accurate description. :rofl:

I'll get the 740 fixed and put it up on the shelf I guess... till I decide whether to sell it or not.

The winter started out pretty harsh with blizzards & -40 temps everyday for 5 wks, but the last month has been quite mild with just below freezing temps & no snow... I hope it continues as I am about a wk or so away from newborn calves hitting the ground. Winter holiday almost over. :(

Nothing new to show of the basement, same ol' same ol'... mine from the wall, haul it to the crusher, stock pile in the corner for next summer's export. I spend a couple hrs every night working at it. :)

Logger 02-17-2009 09:16 PM

Sorry to here about the 740 Joe . Sounds like it might be time to pull the motor out and strap 6 motors on that bad boy :whip:

It shouldn't be to hard to do....

Lil Giants 02-17-2009 10:01 PM

Hmmm, that might be a viable solution Greg, I'll have to give it some thought as how to best do it without butchering the model at all from it's stock form. :thinking: :nice:

Pipeliner_970 02-18-2009 12:51 AM

I'm not a knowledgeable source for info on the subject by any means, but I thought Gregs axles he built for his ADT looked pretty good and it seems to me that they'll function quite well. They may not be "perfect" in terms of scale appearance, but the axles aren't a focal point of the machine anyway, and I think they would be fairly simple to build and would probably hold up and function great, not to mention produce great power compared to the single motor setup of the Wedico design. And you could have a very powerful and functional truck for not a great deal of cost as opposed to shelfing the WDC and buying a Stahl Volvo. And you'd have to consider the wait to get a new model and build time as opposed to buying some parts and retrofitting the WDC. (not sure which way would be quicker)

But thats just my tarnished two pennies on the subject, good luck with whatever you decide to do Joe, and keep the dirt flyin!!:burnout:


ddc333 02-18-2009 03:42 AM

Joe have you had major issues with the 966 loader I know you made a few modifications but over all I thought you were fairly happy with it till the bigger faster and more powerful WA500-3 turned up

Do you think its just the dump truck and the first run they did ???????:confused:

Or is it just Wedico and their ignorance :censor: :mad: that people actually wan to use these models as well as have the detail ????

Any news on the Damitz pumps that would be a good place for your next excavator purchase I'll like to see how it handles your basement:excited:


Lil Giants 02-19-2009 09:20 PM

Overall, the 966 has worked reasonably well, I knew about the hinge point problem prior to building the model, so I corrected that before it ruined many other parts of the model, like steering cyls and driveshafts that other pre #500 owners had to repair after little use. It was not until after 500 loader kits sold before Wedico corrected that major oversight! And now pre #500 owners have to "pay" for this upgrade... that's pretty poor business ethics...

...and the same short sighted planning spills over into this 740 model. Weak drivetrain, not enough gearing or power for this brute of a model, this ADT is really heavy with no load on it. I'm just really disappointed, I can't keep this junk 740 running for more than a few hrs at a time, and if I can't fix the problem myself, I'm waiting months for replacement parts.

Within the first twenty loads I snapped the eye off of one of the lift cylinders. I explained the reason why it happened thoroughly (and politely) on a german forum, that the angle on the rod eye changes from down on the chassis to fully extended and a possible solution to correct it and Wedico (Rainer) makes a reply through a third party that I didn't read the instructions correctly & installed it wrong... what would some dumb hick from Canada know about model engineering... no, they didn't say that, but I'm sure they were thinking it.

...well I just aint gonna spend big bucks to buy their junk anymore and correct their problems out of my pocket to boot. ;)

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