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Same camera Greg! My 7yr old Cannon Powershot 540. I had taken some high resolution pics for the german magazine Rad & Kette.. with these pics the same high resolution & my photobucket account with its preset size of 800x600 to show on forums.. it was by accident that I learn to upload pics this way with such clarity.

I got a bit of Spring planting done in the last week, but got bombed with Spring showers starting Thurs night till today.. now again, a third Spring of excessive wet! It's early yet, but it seems the older I get that weeks seem to past like days.. I hope to get done with Spring planting before the 1st of June for a change.

I found the ambition to tinker with the green GL today & figure out what the clicking was.. this is another 1st!

I think about the miles the white GL has gone over the years & the extreme loads it's pulled?! Blown quite a few differential crossess in that trk, but never a pinion.
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