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The euro rate was about $1.39cdn I noticed in May or so, which is pretty good since summer of 2013... the $cdn has been dropping a few cents lately against the euro & the usd too. Farm equipment & parts have gone up dramatically in the last yr with the $0.20 spread on the usd! Hobby wise, depending on what it is I'm after will determine if I wait to make a purchase.

Grain prices have risen sharply in the last month, inpart b/c of the widespread drought throughout much of the cdn prairies & probably the lower $cdn has some influence on that too, as a great percentage of western cdn grown grains are exported.

I'm not in a drought area myself, but unfortunately for me this yr I have been blasted with hail 4x in the last month with pea size to golf ball size. Close to half my crop wiped out. The last couple yrs I've been drowning with 18" summer rainfalls, loosing acres to flooding. 2012 was the last lottery yr for me with huge crops & high prices... maybe next yr.
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