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This past week I loaded the deck trl a couple more times to get the last dirt cleaned up in front of house... round about 10cy was there by the end of April & started moving it right after spring planting May 22nd.

The last couple of cubes at the back of shop (north end), still needs more dirt to elevate the grade, probably won't happen this yr.

Anyways... moving back inside, out of the elements & the bugs!!! YAY!!!

Here's the official start of the Lil Big Dig tunnel project.

For now, the dug dirt will be dumped & levelled into the north end of lean-to to level the grade, as it drops a little over a foot at the north end... short haul!

If I recall my calculations from last yr correctly, this other back room needs just over 20cy to bring it up to level with the cement of the middle room. Pretty much all the dirt from the tunnel will fill these two rooms, won't be much to haul out, if any.

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