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Thanks Joe for the writeup! I've got a varied background, but no farm experience...only friends that owned farms in wisconsin and rhode island. Every time I see your landscape in the background of your videos, it makes me wonder what you're up to out there. Thanks for letting us in on that. My last house was built in '25 and the one before that was probably around 1910. Plenty of interesting things to find in the crawl space once I started renovating. I had the opportunity to check out a renovation of a house built in the 1700s. They found pewter spoons, knives and now that I'm away from the scene...a couple of sculls and human bones buried under the house. Really interesting...especially the construction techniques used back then. Keep digging...and we'll keep watching. My plan of watching your vids with my two year old worked flawlessly! I love them, he loves them, and he runs to get his tonka dump truck and payloader when I put them on. So cool. Win win all around.
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