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Hey guys, thanks for the encouragement. Bailey and my 8 year old son were super excited yesterday morning. I tell you what, making the video (which took quite a bit of time) was easy compared to the last two weeks. I don't know why, but I don't think that very many (if any at all) existing forum members voted for the videos (just as I was surprised by the fact that only 5 videos were made to win this awesome truck!). Anyway, the kids and I ended up going on a sustained campaign to make new members for Scale 4X4 RC. We walked through our neighborhood passing out flyers, we called relatives and friends, and fellow pastors at the church where I work. Anybody who came to our house was presented with the request to become a member of Scale 4X4 RC and vote. And even then, only a fraction of the people we asked actually voted. Champy, we almost threw in the towel Monday when you surpassed us. But then on Wednesday we thought to take our invitations to the office staff of the church, and then to our Youth Group that night where we hit up more parents and their kids (getting us up to 46 votes). I thought that you'd be done after that Champy, but then you made that run on Saturday and I thought, "Are you serious!" The kids went out into the neighborhood again and we brainstormed more people. We got a few extra votes before the voting closed and since we are on Mountain time, we had I believe 5-10 more people attempt to vote after it closed (I was unclear as to what time zone we were going by and exactly what time the voting ended). My wife on more than one occasion was embarrassed with our shameless campaign! But we were determined. Probably the biggest takeaway for the forum is that the registration is confusing for many people. I think that we probably had another 20-30 people attempt to register but give up after a number of failed attempts. Anyway, it was a good learning and growing experience for the kids especially, to have the courage to talk to friends and especially to walk through a neighborhood talking to adults about the competition and the hobby. Thanks Scale 4X4 R/C for the awesome idea of the giveaway (Scale 4X4 RC and the hobby was introduced to MANY people for the first time, with the result that they can't wait to see Bailey's video and other future R/C videos on the website) and thanks to you guys who made the other videos-you did great!

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