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Originally Posted by SomeTexan View Post
That type of "win" is allowed here? Instead of having your video chosen because it was the best, you lured what basically amounts to spammers into registering just to vote for you? Most web sites I have been on would swing the ban hammer over that. I thought the active membership would be expected to make that decision, not a bunch of one hit wonder accounts. I am new here, so this may be acceptable, I'm just curious.
SomeTexan: I appreciate your opinion on this, and actually Matt hasn't declared a winner yet. But my response would be as follows: 1. The Wraith Spawn isn't the most important thing to me in something like this, integrity is. Were this to be considered by Matt or the community unacceptable I'd gladly say, give the car to the next guy, Champy in this case or the others who are worthy of it. 2. This was not done in the dark, hence the previous post. I'm not hiding anything here. 3. There were no rules to the contrary, it was simply stated that members of the community would decide by way of vote. All the people who voted became members of the community. 4. It seems that the whole idea of the giveaway was to raise the profile the Axial company as well as Scale 4X4 R/C. We did much to do this for both, so I would say that telling friends and family and neighbors to register and vote was consistent with the purposes of the givaway, but I'm not the final judge of that. 5. The community seemed by and large indifferent to the whole givaway. Champy, did all your votes come by way of the community? I'd be suprised were that to be the case, my assumption after day two of the vote was that this was going to boil down to working hard to gain as many new votes and members of the community as possible to win. By the way, I wish it were the case that more people from the community would have been interested and would have voted! I really thought that we had a good chance of winning with our video. 6. This was not an easy thing to do and working within the parameters of the rules given we worked hard for the most votes. And by the way, we were told time and again by the new members who voted for us that they thought we should definitely win as they really liked our video best. Should their votes be vetoed because of their relationship with us? If so, what about (if there were such votes) other members' votes (which could only have been for Champy) were they motivated by believing Champys video as being the best, or did they know Champy best, and how do we know what their true motivation for voting as they did? 6. It seems unfair to call all of these new members "one hit wonders," to the forum. The first people we contacted were R/C enthusiasts we knew. My hope for them would be to become regulars to the site. Moreover, I feel we generated in many an interest in the hobby and opened their eyes to how cool R/Cs are, and even communities like this. Further, the people who voted for us ate genuinely excited to see bailey do a review of the truck, so they are real people and not just empty "votes." 7. I'm most interested in the other guys' thoughts who actually made videos and participated in the contest. I'm confident we can sort this out! I've been encouraged and have felt a comaraderie of spirit with them throughout this competition. Well, those are my thoughts on the matter, hope that helps.
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