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Why would you despise diesels? My 05 Cummins tore up many a Camaro and Mustang, got 28mpg and towed anything. Granted, it blew 2 G56 transmissions, and a fully built NV5600, but it would smoke the tires in 6th going 70 with my 41', 23,000lb toybox behind it. And she had 220k miles, all of it modified, when it got stolen. Zero engine problems, dyno'ed over 1000hp at 2100 miles, 76,000 miles, 130,000 miles and 195,000 miles. I love first gen Cummins trucks too, they can get over 30mpg, and can make over 1000ft lbs under 1000rpm.

I guess I should mention the Ramcharger pro street project with a 6bt and a supercharger over a 120mm turbo. It will be my 1/8 mile toy...
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