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Exclamation Hotrod build off

* unofficial

It has been suggest we have a hotrod build off, and I think it is high time it happened.

Rules will be fairly open, as hot rodding and car customisation is all about, creativity and expression.
  • Every entrant needs a build thread, with Hotrod Build-off in it's title.
  • One one rod per member can be submitted for judging.
  • Entry must be styled on either a Hot Rod or a Street Machine that you would see on the roads in the 50's and 60's - Think American Graffiti. Fenderless Deuces and Shoebox Chevys.
  • Must show some mill. Models must have a dummy engine, or parts there of. If you want to run a closed hood, the hood must be removable to reveal some detail. This is the comfort zone shaker
  • Must be radio controlled and driveable. Reason being:
  • At the end of your build, please post a video of your rod doing a scale 1/4 mile run. Even if all you have to record it is a cruddy cell phone camera, that will do. Let us know what your e.t. is. There will be no judging on speed, but you can brag. A 1/4 mile in 1/10th is 132' (44 metres).
  • Judging will be decided by public poll, that will be open for 2 weeks post the end date of the build off..
  • Please post your build URL below and I will collate them. If you don't link your build thread, you're not entered no matter what you put in the title.

I am allowing a generous build time for this, as life gets in the way of toy cars.

So starting from now, the build off will close in the last week of October. The entrant's final photos will be assembled here under a poll as per usual.

Get the lead out and get building

Oh, the prize... it's the smugness of knowing you won

The contenders:

The nut of Capri:

The Redevil:






The Scottish chainsaw massacre

Tommy the cat


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