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Didnt get many pics but I thought Ide get the ball rollin and wait for the flood of awesome shots people got thru the day. AWESOME day of crawlin, great group of guys from all over the place and I know I cant wait to do it again!!!

Group show with just about everyone except Jbird who walked up right as we were done shootin group pics lol

The Bronco was back on the trail thanks to some driveshafts from Twisted and a borrowed ESC from Jbird. She didnt crawl too well the last time I drove it at the Farm and this mornin wasnt much different. After the first trail, full of flopping and spinning at every obstacle and not bein able to climb without sliding off the line I took the break time to do a little tweakin. I pulled the shocks off the rear and put the front pinion angle back to where it was before. After that she was back to crawlin awesome and I was back in the groove. Heres a couple shots from a little course put together with bridges and chalk markers.

Thomas flexin the Jeep out

Shawn's first run after converting over to an SCX10 chassis. Did really well!

The little group that ran the set course together and spent alot of the day following each other around. Wayne and his son werent caught up with us for the shot unfortunately, but we spent alot of time with them too!

Tire wadded up and leafs tryin not to bust!

Thomas went all day without any major issues which must have bothered him cause I caught him tearing his entire rig apart during one of the breaks LOL Mirrorin the tranny in the parkin lot...gotta love it!!

I havnt run the Bronco in so long and after the tweaks it was goin so well I couldnt stop...I finally decided enough was enough and got the Courier out to play. She crawled all over the place and did really really well. I cant even explain how much fun this giant rock was.

We then hit a trail for an evening run which is prolly one of the best times Ive had in a long time. I cant wait to do another night run now that I have some lights. Thanks again Wayne for the hookup!!!

Again, I had a blast! I met a bunch of people Ive never met before and saw alot of old faces, crawled all over and left not only with two runnin rigs for once...but with a ton of new memories and funny stories. I cant wait to see what you other guys got picture wise!!!
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