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Generally speaking, the "options" to be considered are mainly cosmetic details you may want to add to dress up your model from the basic kit. The hyd system and electric drives are standard issue to the kit. The track motors are inline on this particular model b/c they are so large to propel such a heavy mass of material. Smaller models that you may have seen have small spur gearhead motors with the drive sprocket directly to them.. 20lbs model doesn't require much power to move it about.

I use a Spektrum DX8 with this hoe, not the best choice as the track functions on a Sabertooth dual esc don't work well with the 3pos switches I have left to use. Spektrum is suppose to have a DX10T radio coming soon.. although its release has been delayed several times now.. I think this will be the ultimate radio for any constr model rc.. it should rival the Graupner MC22 that the europeans like to use so much.

No worries about the late reply, that's the beauty of the internet & email, it's there when you have time for it. But yes, lately the attn has consumed alot of my time (5hrs today already with forums, yt and emails).. another month of slack time & then I won't be around much till next Fall, after harvest..

Use this tool to navigate the non english sites, not perfectly translated, but well enough to get you around.

Today's fun & games..

Took about an hour to strip it down.. my hands are black!

I sent Frank a mail for his thoughts.. (funny guy )

"Congratulations, im 100% shure that your model is the first that move 4 cubic of such a hard clay, normaly people just “play” with ther models. And congratulations as whell, youre the first that gets the pump unit fall in pieces, your my product tester! No, just joking a bit, its really interesting for me, what can happens if you really use the machine."

The bit of good luck with the 1 box arriving Friday is that it has another pump assembly in it, I can rob the bearings from it and get my hoe back together in a couple hrs.

Here's a part 1 of descending off the wall last night.

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