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Hey bud...sorry to hear about that finger...but was worth it !!

This truck is SaaaaWEEEEETT.

I LOVE THE STANCE....and like Talon said earlier....perfect representation of a daily driver with some affordable mods done to it.

This is how I wanted to set my 1/6th SS up...and now...sadly...I've sold both of mine !!

I was going to use the trucks thick plastic chassis/ you did....they're really STRONGER than most people think they are.

I've still got my BIG 1/6th Scaled Jeep Gladiator hopefully I can build a big twuck like yore's someday tw0.

If you need another Stampede tranny...I've got one already trimmed down and ready for ya....jest let me know bro !

I'm ready for a VID of this thing.....u gotz it runnin yet hombre'????

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