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Monsters of R/C If its massive, ain't scale, and can break an ankle when it hits you, put it here!

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Old 02-17-2012, 08:57 PM
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Default hairba11's blue cage.

so i built this thing up a while ago. pushing 5 years, switched from wheely king to txt/emaxx driveline about 4 years ago. these are the few surviving pictures on my photobucket account.

it is a tmaxx roll cage converted to tube chassis.

got a big honking 720kv brushless outrunner for it back then when people were sticking 80t motors in their tlt/pede 2.2 crawlers

i got the emaxx trans mounted in the truck, it came with a bracket to allow it to bolt into a txt chassis and this is wha i used for link mounts and lower chassis mounts

i ended up welding in a firewall and mounting the motor to that. cross drilling its 6mm shaft and flatting it to fit an emaxx driveshaft and used a surface grinder to take a emaxx stub axle down to 1/8" to fit a pinion. then mounted the knuckle into the motor mount spot on the emaxx transmission. this kept the motor weight low, and allowed me to use the motor which was too big to mount like normal.

I ran a 4000mAh 15C lipo and an old 5 channel stick radio to cover front and rear steer, throttle, and gear change.
this was sent through a mamba max esc with CC bec and a couple of hitec quarter scale servos which came with the axles.

after a couple of years of intermittent use, the 3/32 aluminum servo mounts gave way and it has been sitting for two years waiting for me to get off my duff and make some servo brackets.

today i did.

current pics.
overall shot, bad mofo here. 13.625 wheelbase.

emaxx knuckle pinion mount

front of firewall with motor, ecs and bec. I think future mounting will be in the bed for the electronics in a box. I'm thinking of adding a plow.

passenger side, you can see the brick of a battery inside a piece of aluminum channel with some flashing over it. this was pre hardcase lipo days.

i ws able to copy the original home made servo mount onto 16ga steel. not reall happy with where it sits, but for the light wheeling, and low speeds i figure it will work a lot better than the no servo mounts i had.

eventually i'll get a radio set up and get the wiring sorted and get this beast running. i want to get a 6s capable esc so i can get it up to jogging speed.

just found a post i made on rcc in 2007 about this
The Mid-size TXT stats:
TXT axles
6" mashers
gives me 2.87 mph which will be pretty decent.
2nd gear will give me 4.6mph which will be a good trail top speed for bashing without suffering too much from fully locked diffs.
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