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Scale 1.55's Scale trucks that use 1.55" fitting tires and similar. Approx 1/10th scalers with wheels smaller than 1.9".

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My M2.5 screws and locknuts finally arrived, so I finished the rear axle leaf mounts and got it all put together. No help from Jax this time. At this point, I realized either the axle or the chassis was not aligned, couldnt tell which was the culprit. I realized it was probably those aluminum cross braces I made a while back, and decided to cut and bend some nail plate steel and make a nice fat brace to base the rails on.

This worked out MUCH better, everything snapped into alignment after some minor tweaks to the chassis, straightening out some tiny bends and twist. I really took my time with this, spent about 3 hours just carefully mocking it up and measuring and bending and all that. Drilling, then re-measuring, re-mocking it up, then finished drilling. It feels so good when patient effort pays off. I was really worried that all my tiny errors and tolerance issues here and there would end up with an axle misalignment that was not salvageable. Luckily that was not the case

Test fitting the brace.

Done! (Well, need to trim the bottom bit flush with the chassis)

Some shots of what I worked out for the leaf mounts on the axle.

The motor-to-driveshaft adapter also arrived, so I was able to connect my 3:1 gear reduction unit to the transfer case. I may need a shorter shaft though. I have no idea if that reduction unit will last or if it will shred itself due to the size/weight of the vehicle when its done. The motor there is a stock CC-01 540, no idea how many turns it is, but I'm guessing mid 20s.

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Really great stuff here.
Glad to see you get some problems sorted out.
I always enjoy the challenge of scratching it up.
Looking fantastic.
Stay the path, going to be a cool ride.
Walking the fine line between Realistic scale and RC functionality..
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