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Scale 2.2's Discuss your scale trucks that use 2.2" sized tires. TLT based and similar.

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Old 04-14-2019, 04:08 AM
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Default HG P407, my clone made in France

So here, I too ended up cracking for a clone of the famous Bruiser Re-re TAMIYA, the one that made us all dream when we were kid, see later, but overpriced for our poor purses of yesteryear
I had mine for 169 in kit version, while the famous Bruiser is not less than 600 .
So I received a big box filled with small boxes:

It's a kit version, but still really pre-mounted: weird:
Like the Tam ', the first thing that is obvious, is the difference in lane between the front and rear, 18 mm! :twisted:

It's really not nice once the car is up!
So the challenge is to bring the front and rear tracks to the same coast, and the easiest way is to change the rear axle ...
Given the price and availability of parts HG, I bought for ten euros a rear axle body, so if I zoom in, I have a spare bridge ;-)
I cut the bridge of 9mm on each side, suddenly the end falls flush with the assembly screws of it:

Then it is necessary to reduce in length the axles of wheel, and for that it is necessary a turn and a milling machine.
For my part I have a 300 euros Proxxon lathe and milling machine, and it does.
First, turn the end of the shaft 9mm further, and thread it to M3 (threaded by hand for my part).
Then you have to rebuild the two flats on 6mm long:

It is also necessary to reduce the aluminum part W031 by 9mm.
Then we put everything back:

To improve the guidance of the AL012 wheel support, I put in the big bearing 16x8 two small 8x5 bearings:

We measure, and we find 9mm less on each side "thumbsup"

And here is once the wheels mounted!

On the other hand suddenly the rear tires pass near the side members of the chassis, suddenly it will have to move the rear shocks
So I took care of rear shocks, which must be moved following the narrowing of the rear track.
I drilled the crossbar of the chassis to fix the shock absorbers at the top, and made two legs bolted axle side with the nuts of the u-bolts to fix the dampers at the bottom.
I used the original shock absorbers equipped with ball joints:

For the front, in order to move the steering servo, I pulled back the dampers behind the axle:

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Old 04-14-2019, 04:54 AM
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Nice Bruiser Joel. I might have to pick one of those up myself.... I just did a simillar modification to my bruiser axle and we came to the same numbers at 9mm per side. So the re-release axle and original axle must be identical in dimensions... 2019 and there are currently two Bruiser axle "narrowing threads" side by side.. What paint job you got planned for it?... Mark

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Old 04-14-2019, 07:48 AM
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looking forward to more of this one
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