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Tamiya Land Zephyr Tires Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007
Some of you have probably seen this truck online and wondered about the tires. The Tamiya QD Land Zephyr.

Well I decided to find out, so I went online to and looked up the part number for the tires. I was suprised to find the complete set available for $9. So I decided I would pick up a set and see if they were any good.

I got them today and at first glance they appear to be 1.9 in size. In actuallity they are just a hair larger than 1.9 tires. You'll also take note that the rears are wider then the fronts. The fronts are the perfect width for standard 1.9 rims, but the rears are difficult to fit on standard 1.9s because they just don't want to stay in the bead. But some glue could cure that, actually you will have to glue the tires otherwise the wheel will slip (with ease) in the tire. You can kind of see in this pic how loose the tire fits onto a standard 1.9 rim.

The rubber compound is stiffer than what we are used to with BFGs & Wranglers, but the large lugs and open space on the tire will certainly be helpful for self cleaning.

You can also tell that the tires a good bit shorter than the BFGs, so you will sacrafice some ground clearance.

I decided I would give these a quick test run on the Expo, but seeing as how I was only able to use the two narrower front tires I ran just the Zephyrs on one side. To be honest, I didn't notice any difference.

My test was going fine until this point when my rear ball diff shat on me.

Then end result was FWD Expo!

Now some of you maybe wondering why I just didn't use the stock Zephyr wheels? Well, this would be why.

As you can see the hex for the wheel is much to small and is purposely designed for the Zephyr.

As I stated earlier for $9 you get a complete set of wheels and tires, but the draw back is the wider rears. So if you want a decent matching set, plop down $18 bux and get 2 compete sets. That way you have one narrow and one wide. Thats actually cheaper then you can get one set of Highlift Tires. Land Zephyr Tires.
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