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07-22-2005, 06:07 PM
Finally put this little car together! Bought it when it first came out...that was a pretty long time ago! lol :lol: . Anyways, this car is quite fun! I used the pack that came with my RC18MT RTR, with a Graupner Speed 300, Novak Spy ESC, Novak XXL, Hitec 85MG servo, controlled by 3PK. It is very fast already! And my father said he wants brushless in it... :rolling: . I should of tried it out BEFORE ordering the brushless LOL, should be receiving them today or next monday :unsure: :lol:

During the first run today, didn't feel the need to glue the tires. When I give it full throttle, 3 tires flew right off! :lol: . Was sort of funny because there were neighbours watching, then the tires just came right off before it even fly down the street :lol: . So I went back inside, glued the tires (and my fingers together), then went back outside. Wow! It was so fast and unstable. Our street had newly paved road, so it was very good to run a small car. Then after a while, I decided to try drifting with some tape on the tires, so much fun!!!

Now I just gotta paint up a body for it, either a Ferrari Modena or a Benz CLK DTM... :banana:


07-23-2005, 04:39 AM
Nice XRAY M18 you got there!

I have and with a Mamba and a few other upgrades on it and its a blast.
Actually if you really think that set up is fast then your not gonna believe how fast the brushless set-up will be.

Which brushless system or motor/controller combo did you get if i may ask?

07-23-2005, 10:37 AM
Thanks Chase! I have seen yours! Crazy setup you havem if I remember correctly, it was a Mamba 8000 with 3s lipo right? How fast does it go with your setup?

I ordered a Mamba 8000 combo, and a separate Mamba25 ESC with a 12L Feigao from StarluckRC. Not sure how the Feigao will do, but it's purple! lol :lol:. One of them will go into my RC18MT though. I am not sure if I still want to put the brushless in the M18 anymore lol :lol:.

Btw, anybody know what is the International Dispatch? My stuff have been there for 2 days already :huh:


07-26-2005, 05:13 PM
It's here!