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Junkyard Stance 06-01-2016 11:10 AM

The Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher Build
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Hi All

My first published build !

I've chosen this forum as it's been a source of inspiration and amazement over the past few years, massive respect to so many of the contributors here - Here's my offering !

I've chosen Tamiya's re-released Sand Scorcher as my start point,,,

So - to get from here:

Attachment 101435

To here:

Attachment 101436

Definitely use this:

Attachment 101438

And if you like these:

Attachment 101437

You're gonna love it !

Here's a couple of the stock running gear:

Attachment 101439

Attachment 101440

And with it's blank shell:

Attachment 101441

Attachment 101442

Attachment 101443

Attachment 101444

For me, this is where the fun now begins !

So, first up, I think this project needs a unique set of rims to sit on while the build progresses,,,

Junkyard Stance 06-02-2016 09:53 AM

First 3D print prototype - the Rims,,,
9 Attachment(s)
I work in the 3D industry as a VFX artist - So the possibilities opened up by 3D printing RC parts - combining two of my favorite pastimes - got me thinking,,, custom Sand Scorcher

For my prototype wheels I plan to follow the classic Tamiya three part design, but go for a wider track, both front and rear, without the need for spacers or special wheel nuts

By shifting the off-set to the maximize the front and rear track , I've gained 18mm on the rear and 6mm on the fronts, here's the plan:

Attachment 101453

Rendered out, here's my ten spoke designs, for the Rear:

Attachment 101449

Attachment 101450

And the fronts

Attachment 101451

Attachment 101452

This build is presently slightly ahead of the photos, so without delay -

My first Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher parts from Shapeways

Attachment 101454

The rears, unpacked:

Attachment 101455

A close up - the white printed nylon is hard to photo -

Attachment 101456

And I couldn't wait, had to check the rear tire fit, and photograph

Attachment 101457

Junkyard Stance 06-02-2016 12:18 PM

Rear track comparison
7 Attachment(s)
Here's a comparison from the back between my wheels and the stock items:

Standard wheels:

Attachment 101458

My Junkyard Stance rear rims:

Attachment 101459

The nylon print material looks a whole lot better once a couple of coats of primer go on:

Attachment 101460

And for now I shall be using M2 cap heads, 10mm for the rear :

Attachment 101461

And for the fronts, 6mm or 8mm M2 cap heads

Attachment 101462

I'm quite pleased with the initial results, (but I'm already tweaking the design!)

Attachment 101463

Here's both the front and rears in primer:

Attachment 101464

Junkyard Stance 06-02-2016 12:29 PM

Junkyard Stance 10 spoke rims, test fitting
7 Attachment(s)
All the holes that were included in my 3D designs for the wheels are just "pilot" holes - I figure it's better to have a slight too snug a fit, that can be gently enlarged with the correct drill bit.

To fit on the Scorcher, the center holes were carefully enlarged with first a 4mm. then a 5mm bit, to get a good fit to the size of the rear axles

Attachment 101466

A coat of metallic acrylic paint, and they are on the build for a test fit:

Attachment 101467

Attachment 101468

Attachment 101469

Attachment 101470

A detail of the front:

Attachment 101471

And the rear:

Attachment 101472

marzo 06-02-2016 01:59 PM

great work!
(but now is much large..!!)


Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by marzo (Post 1046503)
great work!
(but now is much large..!!)


Hi, Thanks marzo !
Plenty more to come,,,

Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 04:07 AM

Old School Sun Visor
8 Attachment(s)
One of the best aspects of a custom Sand Scorcher build is the 60+ years of inspiration to be had from all the cool 1:1 Beetles out there.

So next up, a retro sun visor for the windscreen, here's my plans:

Attachment 101474

And on the 3D model:

Attachment 101475

Here's the first test print:

Attachment 101476

The brackets are attached on the inside in a simple "tree" arrangement, which also helped the part stay upright in the print process:

Attachment 101477

Which needed trimming off before use:

Attachment 101478

Here's a test fit on the unpainted shell:

Attachment 101479

And in black primer:

Attachment 101480

Attachment 101481

Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 04:31 AM

Junkyard Stance, Spot lights and roof mount
10 Attachment(s)
On a custom Scorcher you got to have a set of roof mounted spot lights.

While we're on the subject of lights - IMHO it's a shame Tamiya didn't build the 2010 Sand Scorcher re-release with fitting points for 3mm or 5mm LEDs for the front and rear lights, something I'm planning to add into this build in due course.

Here's plans for my roof mounted spots, with roll-cage ( with room for 3mm LEDs ):

Attachment 101484

And how it should fit on the Scorcher:

Attachment 101485

And the first test print:

Attachment 101486

Inside, there's a clear acrylic part for the spot light glass - my first go with a material other than the white nylon:

Attachment 101487

However, I've decided that for future designs, unless the part-tree is very simple, like with the "glass", I will be printing parts separately:

Attachment 101489

Trimming the tree into the required bits was not to my liking:

Attachment 101488

So, I reprint the 5 nylon parts individually, first the roll-cage mount:

Attachment 101490

then the four LED holders/spot lamps:

Attachment 101491

Attachment 101492

Here's a close up of the assembled part before painting:

Attachment 101493

Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 04:46 AM

Junkyard Stance, sun visor, roof mount roll-cage and spot lighths
10 Attachment(s)
Here's both the spots and sun visor during a test fit:

Attachment 101494

Attachment 101495

and off for spraying in black priner:

Attachment 101496

Attachment 101497

Attachment 101498

Attachment 101499

The back of the spot light holds the clear acrylic part in place, and has pilot holes to open out and fix with a 5 or 6mm M2 screw

Attachment 101500

I next took the bold step of drilling 12 holes through the body work ( and inner glass ) to permanently fit both the sun visor, and spot lights

I got them very nearly straight !

Attachment 101501

Attachment 101502

Attachment 101503

Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 04:54 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, so far so good
4 Attachment(s)
From time to time, you got to sit back and take stock of the work so far,

Still liking my 10 spoke rims, and my roof adornments have worked out better than expected - though there were a few re-prints while I've refined the 3D model of the Sand Scorcher that I was building on to.

As I go forward parts should fit better as my model becomes more accurate to the real Tamiya shell,,

The build so far:

Attachment 101504

Attachment 101505

Attachment 101506

Attachment 101507

Noobsk8r 06-03-2016 10:40 AM

Parts look good and will they be available?

marzo 06-03-2016 10:53 AM

very good!
the sun visor is fantastic.


Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Noobsk8r (Post 1046520)
Parts look good and will they be available?

Thanks Noobsk8r,

If I can get my parts fit as hoped, and people seem interested, I do plan to make them available through Shapeways

In the meantime, I think what this build needs next is some paint on that blank white shell,,,,

Junkyard Stance 06-03-2016 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by marzo (Post 1046521)
very good!
the sun visor is fantastic.


Thanks marzo
BTW, Love the 88 inch wheelbase Series IIa - the details are beautiful !

marzo 06-03-2016 01:03 PM

ah ah

i love also sand scorcher


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