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frizzen 11-25-2019 05:00 AM

1970s Dodge Tradesman kustom van
I seem to like Vans.

I started reading this
Then found his old van
Then a tamiya lunchbox body, glass, and chrome showed up. It wasn't easily adaptable to any donors i have hanging around. Alaintérieur posted up his next amazing van project, then mentioned some Ampro guy drawing parts. Looking into that somehow turned into me getting a set of 1/16 scale AMC Pacers.

A friend of mine was showing me some cad things he was making, and how excited he was to be getting a new tame robot friend. With his newly housebroken robot, it was soon pooping out some scenery for his Dungeons&Dragons adventures. I asked if his magical pooping robot might be able to push out some things for me.

I ordered some electrons to feed it from here:


Then a while later he starts bringing some robot poop to sift through

His robot is small enough it shouldn't be too destructive when google skynet takes over, so i had to splice the chassis halves together.

Wpl trans mount goes into chassis, chassis melts together, chassis goes into body.

So current plan is a Street Van: street ride height, cool rims, fancy paint, and bubble windows. It involves wpl 1/16 truck axles and trans. I'd like to go just RWD. Maybe some lights later, probably a bluetooth speaker, maybe even some extra servos to do odd things.

One huge benefit of the Lunchbox is the body has been made since 87 and you can get it everywhere. Easily swappable bodies pull 4 screws, and change your outlook man. Today i'm going 70s Vanning in the Shaggin Wagon, tomorrow it might be a work van, maybe i can even get a model 'Possum Van' signed if Red Green does another tour...

2redrovers 11-26-2019 12:22 AM

Them magical robot poops is the scoop man. Love the jelly beans (wheels)... Way back before skynet could hear our thoughts, you could have those beans or hotwires or if you had the extra folding kind of money, could style it out with a swinging hot set of dragway five spokes.

..... If the van's a rockin.......

frizzen 11-26-2019 01:07 AM

...don't bother knocking. It's outta sight. Got some jelly bean wheels, probably painting them dull aluminum, tires are gonna take some work though.

When i think 70s there's: long haired women, a lot of questionable fashions, epa choked engines, strange color choices, and the muppets.

Muppets have wiggly eyes, so my van should probably have some wiggly eyes too

Well where else can you find several sizes of bubble windows ready to go, after ya cut out the backing?

2redrovers 11-26-2019 05:49 AM

DANG I'd be sooo tempted to leave it with Muppet googling eyes.. At least for the first run around the McDonald's car park

frizzen 11-26-2019 07:06 AM

Na, the real tempting thing is putting bubble window eyes on both back doors so that it's looking at you.

The eyes load from the inside, with the eyes flange keeping it from coming too far out man. This probably isn't the last of the van with the wiggly eyes, i'm seeing maybe swapping them in for some kinda video or one of the meets when its done. Plus i like showing unlikely ideas where stuff came from.

2redrovers 11-27-2019 12:41 AM

Oo Oo ooh gots ta do the googly doors even if you can change them out... Maybe it's the phosphoric acid fumes around the workshop but that just screams hilarious in 1/16 scale... Or maybe it's only 1/16th as funny as I think... hmmm..

Old Busted Hotness 11-27-2019 04:57 AM

Disco stripes or a big mural?

Good call on the googly eyes :nice:

frizzen 11-28-2019 11:08 PM

Seems to depend on who you ask, Tamiya fans will insist they think it's 1/12 as funny, Bruder and WPL fans will think it's 1/16 as funny. I'll call it 1/14 funny as in your head since it's the length of my type2 VW, and as wide as my cop Matador. It needed many bubble windows because it's not a budget Kustom Van build, so it'l happen eventually.

I'm thinking Stripes, Panels, Kandy paints. Saranwrap marble panels, maybe some Lace, maybe some Fades. Undecided yet if this initial body is going to be a Green or Purple kandy job, it's going over Silver or silver/gold. Planning to steal some techniques along these lines to make it look more fancy

I'm not thinking i'm skilled enough with a tiny brush to attempt tackling a Mural yet, maybe if i tried to follow a Bob Ross painting on another body. Maybe i could pull it off if Van-girl wanted easy like a "Dark Side of the Moon" mural, or some kinda nonsensical "stoned hippy psychadellec paint puke on a bus" thing that's not supposed to look good.

Playing around with some Molotow paint on the bumper. Mostly cleaned grill, wish my friends robot had printed it pretty side up.

Did a little cut&shut on some Lego 62.4x20 tires trying for a more 'street' look than the rc4wd ones Ampro designed the rims around. Uh, from their specs, looks like i shaved a whole 0.030" tire height from his offroad van tires. Hmm, well it was worth a try.

Van-girl said it needed more windows!
So we're now at 4 bubble window portholes. Not sure if i'm really feeling rear bubbles, or if it'd be better with the stock Dodge square ones. Leaving the stock Tamiya sunroof / vent thing, because we like when women are looking at the ceiling...

Anyway, this post has brought to you by the largest tire manufacturer in the world, Lego.

frizzen 12-04-2019 06:20 PM

Put it together with metal links on the trimmed & drilled plastic 4-link setup.The rear shock towers came off, and some stiffened printer support matrix got melted to the chassis intead, and the shock pass-through holes got bigger for some reason.

Front end could still use a bit more chrome, but it's not looking too bad for first coat

The trans uses the lower mount holes to keep short plastic driveshafts together. I cut out the bottom of steering servo mount, clearanced the rear chassis crossmember where the upper links hit. Back tires tucks ok, front just doesn't want to drop.
It's almost like this chassis was desiged as an off-roader instead of street-machine.

2redrovers 12-05-2019 06:51 AM

I'm liking where you're truckin hip cat daddyo... Umm.. groovy..

I've never tried the cut n shut on tyres yet. Those do look the part now, maybe some white lettering? What's the plan for getting the front down, more clearancing?

frizzen 12-05-2019 02:34 PM

This was my first try with cut&shuts, i'm digging it. With as many guys on here swear by it i figured i should try some, plus it's not exactly a common rim size.

I'd like to run white letters, but i'm not feeling it with the lop-sided billboard on these. One half of the tire says: " © Lego Group 62.4x20s " but then there's no text on the other half, unbalanced. If i could shave the text, it might look ok with whitewalls but i dunno?

Still fiddling with the front link lengths. If i knew my wheelbase i could make chassis jig rails, but other than Mr Ampro who designed it, i haven't run across anyone doing this type van build.

Thinking a little more clearancing up front, install a new thin floor to the servo pocket. Then find some longer screws or 'raise' the servo retainer plate screw holes up (drill from top through bottom, melt new plastic on top, deck new plastic, then redrill from bottom.)

Then i'll probably try to figure out some type of single point linkage for the front suspension. Not sure if i'll want to run springs or just rods like rear has currently.

Oh man. We ain't dressed right, that's why we get no respect man.

2redrovers 12-06-2019 07:16 AM

I had a crazy thought this morning.. Wonder if white silicone caulking could be used to make white walls on those tyres? Dunno if it would stick properly though. Fits the tradesman van theme if nothin else

frizzen 12-13-2019 03:29 AM

Yo dog, we heard you really like vans...
So we got ya a Van, so you can go Vanning, while you're Vanning, in your Vans.

Zipzap / Bit-Char G clone chassis stretched to a 1970s Tyco slotcar body Ford Econoline with some extra detailing. I built it in 2018 to try to hype up a zombie message board for a 'just build something' contest i ran...that nobody at all entered.

2redrovers 12-13-2019 08:54 PM

Ha ha, find a Joe Cool snoopy to carve up and stick it on top of the mini van to make it look like he's driving a Vankart.

frizzen 01-10-2020 11:42 PM

Ya know, it's getting all 70s in here.

Closer to a StreetVan ride height. This grille and bumper does it for me more than that tamiya one

Wait, what?

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