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Thorsteenster 12-11-2019 09:05 PM

1/8 Slayer Scooby Rally Car
Sorry, not a Trux but seemed to the best fit category!
I bought a motorless Slayer from someone on here a few few years back for an econversion. Some time passed, and I came across folk mounting 1/8 scale Kyosho bodies on Slashes and got the great idea for yet another project.
So a few years pass and I, bored one day, painted and decaled the body.
A few more years pass, pretty recent now, I came across JConcepts G-Locs and Pro-Line Raid wills with wide hub options and bought them. Couple months later I get the tires on the wheels and mounted on the Slayer. Width is perfect to the body, but need to trim the wheel openings a little more.
Not sure what I'll do with it, don't have the money for the electronics, even if I did it needs to go elsewhere. I'd like to keep it as I really dig it so far, but may get the body mounted and fenders trimmed and sell it. Or stick it back in a crate for years.
Any who, here's a couple pics. One body just resting on chassis, the other at approximate ride height.

frizzen 01-08-2020 08:44 PM

Pretty cool project, and great job on the factory livery on the body

bluedually 01-26-2020 05:33 PM

Look good. I've been working on a project for more than eight years and only just recently got it driveable, so I would say it would be worth waiting until you can get it running.

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