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FREEDOM83 08-16-2019 03:32 AM

Good companions, I acquired a friend at an unbeatable price this JK Modelex that I myself mounted with Axial mechanics, and I decided to mount it with a more current mechanics and leave it as it should with that chassis ....:

Well nothing, first disassemble everything, and we begin to cut, first the chassis. The heels will go as 1cm higher than standard, the servo support must be lowered enough to be able to put 3s 5500 lipo and clean the servo area since the support of the same will go outside because it will go on the axis and I also make step to the rear cardan:

As the servo will go on the axle, a 3D support with reinforced material although one day a metal from China will arrive .... I ordered the metal by recommendation, but for now the 3D one holds

Here you can see how the lipo will look after welding the support in its new location:

some pictures of the chassis with the mechanics already in place, now it will be necessary to make room for everything in the body, which only the one who has had a jk mex will know what jjjjj supposes

Here we see below and above the gap that has been needed for the tranny and the engine hehehehe

Here it looks like I've covered it:

Here the work of bars, which corresponds to me to thank fellow Asitreck de Amurrio, he is the artist:

A photo of the new mooring system for the bodywork to the chassis, so I don't need a tool to change lipo:

Some photos of the set, fins and details need to be outlined but it looks more less hehehe

This work took many hours, it seems simple, but it costs its own, although it is worth covering those gaps, it gives a lot of realism when using it in the bush:

A few photos proving it in Soria (Spain), touch shorter rear shock absorbers and finish profiling fins, the rest is perfect:

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