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frizzen 10-21-2018 10:40 PM

Prima! Maus grau. I like mouse grey, and i've already got a blue & white bay-window. I don't want a matched fleet

i like the rims on his dickie type 2s. So there's no mention on the donor...

Someone mentioned replacement tire for dickie specs of: 45mm outside diameter, 25mm inside, 14mm wide. I can go bigger if that's what looks right

2redrovers 10-22-2018 05:35 AM

Which rims do you like or was it all of them?

I saw mention of surfer wagon but maybe that was just the name of the bus? I had a toy grade Ferrari that had five spokes very similar to those although they may have been bigger dimensions.

frizzen 10-22-2018 05:09 PM

Either of them.

The chrome & black on green bus kinda look like Fuchs or the 914s if you don't focus too hard.
The chrome on green bus look to be the same wheel, but i could go with as there were a lot of forged spoke options. I don't care for the wheel weight screws, but it's better than these smoothies.

The red with baby moons are the painted Dickie stock wheels that came on my bay-window bus, they can take 1/24 scale semi trailer tires for more grip. However dickie toys was no help when i asked about spare parts availibility.

I wonder if these wheels swap

New color bus.

2redrovers 10-22-2018 05:34 PM

I'm guessing those wheels would fit, same scale probably same chassis under them both. I like the wheels, they could pass for big diameter Fuchs couldn't they?
I actually like that c-10. That's one of my favorite year models and that one's been customized nicely ..not too much, just enough ..I'd drive that.

frizzen 10-22-2018 08:04 PM

Yeah, i could roll some big Fuchs like that.

I had almost picked up one of their C10 with the old paintjob when i got this VW truck, but couldn't do it. Orange over Cream with Black flames, on smooth rims. Even knowing that it'd probably go factory paint job, up to maybe weathered farm truck, it didn't quite speak loud enough to me. This new one...

Also wish i'd known chrome bumper VW truck was coming out, i'd probably have gone with that instead. Probably going to go white bumpers on mine now.

82041BKWT - c10 black white
82042BK.. vw black

2redrovers 10-23-2018 06:17 AM

If you end up with an extra dub, how about one of these

frizzen 10-23-2018 07:07 PM

That's pretty slick, not sure about the flares or those wheels. A "snailshell camper" might be a fun build. Might even be able to make one like a drop-in for the Doka that makes it into a single cab with slab sides like that one.

I'd have to start building them to sell just to try keeping up with ideas you're posting. I really dunno if there'd be much market for upgraded scale "4-wheelers" to drive around and annoy the semi drivers at meets. People do go nuts about the other vw though.
I've been going through some old stuff, i think i've almost got my toy fpv setup liberated off the spycar and its working on becoming a stand-alone i can swap between cars. I don't like flying blind at meets on the far road when they put trailers right next to the curb.

2redrovers 10-23-2018 09:28 PM

Yeah the flares were probably a bit much but I gotta be honest.. a snail shell is probably one of the coolest campers out there and one of the few VW I like.

I'll keep posting idea's and distractions cos it's fun and I'm sure something will be useful one day. You'd be able to sell anything veedub related especially if it matched the buyer's 1:1 bug/bus. Geez does that crowd know how to spend money on crap! At least it'd be worthwhile if it was one of your rigs... better than another beetle teapot :p

Good idea with the fpv, there's always heaps of stuff in the way when you watch the videos online. Must be a nightmare to actually negotiate your way around as a driver from the sidelines.

frizzen 10-24-2018 08:36 PM

Snailshells, Canned hams, Teardrops, and Airstreams are all really cool, just dunno if i need one.

What, no way! I don't believe VW owners are as bad as the Harley owners about buying branded crap, or crap that looks similar to their crap. **looks at my Beetle based kitcar in the back yard, then all the toy air-cooled in the house, the rc vans, the model garage of the kitcar being built...** Shut up!

I got the old fpv running stand alone now, i'd forgotten how unimpressive it was. It may need a color camera, and a monitor to replace the b/w eyepiece. Even so, it's still gonna be better than just flying blind when behind tall stuff!

I still haven't quite figured out how i want to do the Airbag servo. This just uses kingpins in vertical barrels, and it looks like i'll need a hinged lift frame and then lots of time working out deciding lever arms and throws.

Turn, Burn, Lights, Ground light, Height. What happend to "i'll just get a truck that looks more at home with a trailer than the bus, or cars"?

2redrovers 10-25-2018 12:24 AM

**looks at my Beetle based kitcar in the back yard, then all the toy air-cooled in the house, the rc vans, the model garage of the kitcar being built...** Shut up!

*wonders how many datsun 240/260z models, hot wheels, rc etc are floating around in the collection??not as many as a Harley owner would have but, but, buuut* ......Hmmm, yeah I'll shut up now too.

Shame it's b/w and not sepia toned... then every drive would be just like in the good ol days :P

"I'll just get.........."
Ha-ha man that's the best joke ever, right up there with "I want the kombi ready for Christmas" :D :D :D :D :D :D

frizzen 12-27-2018 11:29 PM

Anybody else like chrome?

Several guys i work with kept telling me how great Molotow liquid chrome is... i'm impressed.

2redrovers 12-28-2018 12:56 AM

That looks good. Are you going to carry it down to the bumper bars as well?

frizzen 12-28-2018 04:47 AM

Not really sure. Opinions?
I had been thinking bumpers would just go white when it's ready for paint. Roof rack mostly went chrome as a test, plus all the roofracks i've seen in the catalogs were chrome so it made sence to me.

About Molotow pens: Shake it a lot. It does take forever to dry, it's not all that durable. If you get chrome where you didn't want, alchohol takes it back off. I'm still learning a lot. But i like it so far.

2redrovers 12-28-2018 05:24 PM

Cheers for the tips. As for bars, not sure either because I've seen them in chrome and painted and they both work. I'd probably paint the rest first and then decide. Could always try painted first then chrome over and if you don't like the chrome, should come off easy enough. My mate has painted white with polished accents on his splitty.

frizzen 01-28-2019 07:39 PM

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