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frizzen 08-26-2018 03:08 AM

VW Type 2, Split-window double cab, 1/16
My 1/14 scale VW Bay-window bus Dickie conversion looked a little lonely, so after much deliberation a Split-window truck was tracked down.

We'll start off with a Maisto Type 2 VW Double-cab pickup truck in "1/16 scale" that sure looks to be the same size as my 1/14 Dickie VW van that i've found specs and done the math on which is exactly 1/14 of real one.

So first off, there's room for improvement. A lot...

But what 50 year old car made it through time exactly how you wanted?

Let's see that smile.

Not a bad starting point.

I was originally thinking something custom like all yellow, or blue over silver, white over green, or white over purple. The deeper into the stock options i looked, the more I like pearl white over mouse gray. Maus Grau ist schon!

First let's start to fix that suspension!
Front starts with a knuckle flip, and some clearancing, but needs the lower mounts milled lower. Rear gets some milling at the chassis to bumper interface. That gets me rear is static here, with that much possible lift at front so far.

Pulling several screws and wiggling the chassis free doesn't seem right for a hobby up-conversion to me. A set of strange head screws are put in at the back body mounts, then the chassis screw posts are modified to take magnets and become pads. The front still will use an original tab and slot.

2redrovers 08-27-2018 01:24 AM

I'm just glad you didn't pick white over blue. The grey is cool. Whatcha planning for wheels?

Psst.... "Motor" is on the wrong side of the gearbox for scale too :P

frizzen 08-27-2018 08:01 PM

I do like neptun blau, and my dad had a panel that color... but that's just too close to the bay window.

I dunno about wheels, i'm open to suggestions. I've always really liked these on Steelies with babymoons, Fuchs, Porsche 'gas burners', Empi wide 5 spoke, or empi 8 spoke. Something that looks classic and 'right'. If anybody has a set of pulloff wheels from a Dickie VW, let me know.

Yeah, these damn customizers do things that make no sence. The lack of swingaxle and diff bug me more. It's atleast it's not a motor in the front. Although if that's the biggest complaint a guy with a Split-bus in his shop can come up with, i must have a good base.

2redrovers 08-28-2018 01:19 AM

The 1:1 camper is originally Neptune, don't know if its staying or different blue.

Steelies almost always look good, especially if the backs have been widened. 8 spokes look good too.

Swing arm shouldn't be all that difficult to muster if you wanted it. Although I guess size is the limitation. It wouldn't give you a diff but using something like a losi micro trans sideways so you have a wheel per drive shaft would give independent rear on a swing axle... could even set it up with "real men drive on the sidewall" wicked camber .... just stirring the pot a bit more ;)

frizzen 08-30-2018 09:19 PM

Yeah, because those things bother me *so much* right now...

Unless this was the earlier coach built version, it looks like this 'Doka' is somewhere between 1958-61.
The factory Doppelkabine Pritschewagen didn't come out until 1958, and the small Bullet front turnsignals went to the bigger Fisheye signals in 1961.

The taillights are odd since for those years they should have been small round, and they didn't go oval until 1962 and later. It's custom, and owner got tired of people trying to ram it at stops from 'not seeing' tiny lights...
That's a better story than shave them and redo it.
Although a shave and redo could probably use 3mm leds. Probably could make front bullets into 3mm, but the headlights would probably need new lenses made. So not sure it's really worth it.

2redrovers 08-31-2018 05:15 AM

So if you don't light it up (if I guess the lenses are in the too hard or couldn't be bothered basket), what would you do to make them look better? Maybe a chrome ring and a smoked tint paint job?

frizzen 09-04-2018 02:37 AM

I want to cut and change windows to clear, then probably some interior. The rear window seems to need the trim shaved, then recut to be shrunk or modded back toward stock, the bed floor needs better/flatter detail. Maybe underbody lights, blue or purple might look good.

Right now i'm still trying to get the servo in, and really hope an esc shows before the meet Sept 14-15 so this can play. Otherwise it has to wait until january to cruise the little streets.

And then some time much later, i'm gonna finish research on 1960s tilt deck or ramp loading car-hauler trailers. I'm really liking the single-axle racecar haulers that could pull with a sedan, station wagon, or truck. Because i think this would be cool rolling down the strip.

Tin toy that as best i can tell was made in japan by Bandai, sometime in the 60s. Oh yes, i needed a static trailer load.

I already don't do scale trucking 'right' with having No Semis yet, let's keep it rolling with more weird trailers!

2redrovers 09-04-2018 05:44 AM

You know, I almost posted a pic of a candy blue bus towing a matching bug on a car hauler. Would definitely look good behind your pickup .... got me wondering what 60s trailers looked like if they were different?

frizzen 09-10-2018 06:36 PM

I hadn't really thought of doing them as Twins. I figured the beetle probably wasnt getting changed much, atleast until i know more about the collector values.
Maybe replace broken windshield, or put new rubber belt on engine, maybe fix antenna hole in fender. A proper decklid maybe with standoff hinges might be good, or hang a chrome aircooled with open headers, but it's pretty stock and looks nice.

The 1960s car haulers i'm leaning toward are more of a Single-axle light weight tube trailer that's really not all that much more than a set of ramps, spreader bars, and a tongue. Axle sets center or further aft to get it balanced for that car and keep tongue weight happy.

I guess having a trailer all comes back to *can i get the ride height up enough* to tow anything? I did a little more rear body lift at the bumper/chassis, and I've basically run out of adjustment. Next would be slamming the transaxle through the chassis. I don't know if she can get enough air under to not have a goofy unsafe looking tongue angle.

Going off motor size, this Split should have more power than the Bay-window, i dunno how much more weight that one could manage.
The bay is good for a teardrop, and that's about it. Cd-rom drives tray in/out motor isn't really up to bus and trailer, on hills or bridges. So, probably still pretty scale.

frizzen 09-15-2018 02:36 AM

I need more speed.

Truescale-rc got me hooked up with some traffic cones, a toolbox, and a set of wheel ramps

The chrome dual-port VW engine in the bed is actually an old Avon aftershave "dunebuggy" bottles cap cover.

2redrovers 09-16-2018 08:40 AM

I thought the engine was a nice touch, solidified its role as shop truck / parts getter.

Were the cones to warn other drivers about the "broken down lawnmowers" at the side of the road? (Hehehe)

frizzen 09-16-2018 01:18 PM

I was amazed the engine was the right scale, i also took a 426 hemi in 1/18, but didn't load it in anything.

Haha, My VWs fought a war, your Honda mows lawns.

Around here you throw cones to stop parking, warn that stuff is being worked on, or make sure people do pre-trip checks.

His garage really made me wish i'd brought the 2001 Subaru Imprezza rally, it would have looked so sweet parked in front.

2redrovers 09-16-2018 06:27 PM

Ha-ha my mate fights a war every time he tries to start his T2 bus

frizzen 09-16-2018 11:30 PM

Does the split bus in the shop have the round tail lights, or the ovals?

I think you're gonna like the latest body work, but there was a pretty big concession to the custom thing because i know i can't get all the lowrider out of it anyway.

2redrovers 09-17-2018 06:10 AM

The bus in the shop isn't a split, its a 75 bay window, its got the big rectangular ones

The split 56 I restored for a mate has small round lights

frizzen 09-17-2018 05:18 PM

Sorry i got it mixed up. It looks sweet! Nice job!

Any chance you might be able to get a couple mesurements on the split? Decklid width, height from hinge to center of light, and width from lid gap to center of light?

Or i can just eyeball it, 5mm leds should work great for me..

2redrovers 09-17-2018 10:15 PM

Thanks, came up alright in the end considering I'm a beater not a painter. That was my first 2pac paint job.

Can't get any measurements off that bus sorry (its not located close by) but I can give you a couple reference marks to work with.
The section between the upper hatch and lower engine cover is about 43mm, I think this is fairly consistent with a split window bus as well as the bay.

The louvers on in the vent panel are 40mm spacing. This is a vent for a spilt installed on the camper to allow heat escape from fridge etc.

Hopefully that helps you eyeball what you need.

frizzen 09-18-2018 05:53 AM

In the city it's a pity, cause we just can't hide,
Tinted windows don't mean nothin' , they know who's inside.

Stripped that limo tint off!

So i made another concession to Kustom and kept the 1966-up big back window. It will show off an interior better, it already had the window trim step-down, and i'm not going to get all the Lowrider back out of the truck anyway. Small window is cuter, but i'd rather drive something with more rear visibility.

2redrovers 09-18-2018 07:14 AM

That's a big, big improvement.. looks good and I don't think the big back window is a problem. Like you said, visibility is a plus when you're drivin the block

frizzen 09-20-2018 10:05 PM

Googlie Eyes for the win!
So we're getting lights now! Bullet turnsignals are 3mm leds. Headlights will get a filler plate and take 5mm leds. Taillights are getting shaved, redone as 61-earlier round with 5mm leds.

Headlight lens is front of a googlie eyeball, then i made a couple more bigger ones into Baby Moons to make my wheels look a little better.

2redrovers 09-21-2018 04:57 AM

That's looking really good. Amazing the difference just adding the moons and headlights make, looks like a real car now and less like a toy.

frizzen 09-21-2018 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by 2redrovers (Post 1064827)
The split 56 I restored for a mate has small round lights

Ok, using a dial caliper i scaled that pic on my phone to actual size on the truck, then figured out light center and step drilled to a snug fit on 5mm leds.

I think this looks better

2redrovers 09-21-2018 11:33 PM

Bam! And its done.
*4 thumbs up*

frizzen 10-13-2018 01:26 AM

She's not gonna make it back to stock, so let's roll with it.

Looks like i need to either rough up the LEDs on my Underglow, or take a file and knock the 'lenses' off to help even out the pattern a little more. Looks much better in person, as my phone is certainly not a DSLR.

2redrovers 10-15-2018 04:53 AM

I like it.. rig it up with a flashing doof-doof sound system and go the whole hog.

I came across this the other day too, just love the colour combo

frizzen 10-16-2018 08:05 PM

Filling it with Subwoofers and Tvs and Mirrors and Neon...could fit, but not really my style.
If i did any sound, it'd probably just be engine noise, maybe airbag noise on ride height change. Dunno if anybody even does sound for air-cooled, or turbo air-cooled engine.

That's a slick paint scheme, kind of a kandy Rootbeer. That really shows off the chrome nice, should help a lot once i have paint on.

I had been thinking just do the beltline as solid chrome with the Malitow pen, but that shows pretty distinct paint seperation between 2 stripes. I'm not even sure if i want to go chrome bumpers, make them pearl white, or stay the cream they already are.

2redrovers 10-16-2018 08:42 PM

Yeah the chrome on that one would either be a twin narrow strip or a large with paint in the middle. Pretty sure I've seen the twin strips on a few real buses.

Can't say I've ever heard anybody mention a sound unit with veedub effects. The airbag sound would be cool.

If you're thinking blue/white paint then definitely do the bars in white too. I mean chrome would be fine too but would clash if left cream as is with white involved in the paint scheme.

frizzen 10-16-2018 11:28 PM

Nein! Nicht blau & weiss! Ich habst das auf Erkerfenster.

Planning on VWs Pearl White over Mouse Grey, but it depends on what i can find in rattlebombs at the store. Definately white over gray, looks classy, and not one you constantly see. (Unlike the bay-window, where something like 1/3 of all type 2s seem to be that color) art=420

Looks like a bit of a pain to get the masking right, but looks like either gray or red stripe on the raised part of my chrome, with white stripe under it before gray.

2redrovers 10-17-2018 03:30 AM

The red stripe would give the option of red line tyres if you wanted. The grey stripe would look fine too. Auto paint supplies have a fine line masking tape thats like a vinyl tape, would be perfect for getting your details nice. It masks with a sharp, crisp edge and curves nicely (most times).

Thank god its not blau :p
(I did remember you mentioned mouse grey earlier, just forgot)

2redrovers 10-19-2018 08:30 PM

Mouse grey?

frizzen 10-21-2018 10:40 PM

Prima! Maus grau. I like mouse grey, and i've already got a blue & white bay-window. I don't want a matched fleet

i like the rims on his dickie type 2s. So there's no mention on the donor...

Someone mentioned replacement tire for dickie specs of: 45mm outside diameter, 25mm inside, 14mm wide. I can go bigger if that's what looks right

2redrovers 10-22-2018 05:35 AM

Which rims do you like or was it all of them?

I saw mention of surfer wagon but maybe that was just the name of the bus? I had a toy grade Ferrari that had five spokes very similar to those although they may have been bigger dimensions.

frizzen 10-22-2018 05:09 PM

Either of them.

The chrome & black on green bus kinda look like Fuchs or the 914s if you don't focus too hard.
The chrome on green bus look to be the same wheel, but i could go with as there were a lot of forged spoke options. I don't care for the wheel weight screws, but it's better than these smoothies.

The red with baby moons are the painted Dickie stock wheels that came on my bay-window bus, they can take 1/24 scale semi trailer tires for more grip. However dickie toys was no help when i asked about spare parts availibility.

I wonder if these wheels swap

New color bus.

2redrovers 10-22-2018 05:34 PM

I'm guessing those wheels would fit, same scale probably same chassis under them both. I like the wheels, they could pass for big diameter Fuchs couldn't they?
I actually like that c-10. That's one of my favorite year models and that one's been customized nicely ..not too much, just enough ..I'd drive that.

frizzen 10-22-2018 08:04 PM

Yeah, i could roll some big Fuchs like that.

I had almost picked up one of their C10 with the old paintjob when i got this VW truck, but couldn't do it. Orange over Cream with Black flames, on smooth rims. Even knowing that it'd probably go factory paint job, up to maybe weathered farm truck, it didn't quite speak loud enough to me. This new one...

Also wish i'd known chrome bumper VW truck was coming out, i'd probably have gone with that instead. Probably going to go white bumpers on mine now.

82041BKWT - c10 black white
82042BK.. vw black

2redrovers 10-23-2018 06:17 AM

If you end up with an extra dub, how about one of these

frizzen 10-23-2018 07:07 PM

That's pretty slick, not sure about the flares or those wheels. A "snailshell camper" might be a fun build. Might even be able to make one like a drop-in for the Doka that makes it into a single cab with slab sides like that one.

I'd have to start building them to sell just to try keeping up with ideas you're posting. I really dunno if there'd be much market for upgraded scale "4-wheelers" to drive around and annoy the semi drivers at meets. People do go nuts about the other vw though.
I've been going through some old stuff, i think i've almost got my toy fpv setup liberated off the spycar and its working on becoming a stand-alone i can swap between cars. I don't like flying blind at meets on the far road when they put trailers right next to the curb.

2redrovers 10-23-2018 09:28 PM

Yeah the flares were probably a bit much but I gotta be honest.. a snail shell is probably one of the coolest campers out there and one of the few VW I like.

I'll keep posting idea's and distractions cos it's fun and I'm sure something will be useful one day. You'd be able to sell anything veedub related especially if it matched the buyer's 1:1 bug/bus. Geez does that crowd know how to spend money on crap! At least it'd be worthwhile if it was one of your rigs... better than another beetle teapot :p

Good idea with the fpv, there's always heaps of stuff in the way when you watch the videos online. Must be a nightmare to actually negotiate your way around as a driver from the sidelines.

frizzen 10-24-2018 08:36 PM

Snailshells, Canned hams, Teardrops, and Airstreams are all really cool, just dunno if i need one.

What, no way! I don't believe VW owners are as bad as the Harley owners about buying branded crap, or crap that looks similar to their crap. **looks at my Beetle based kitcar in the back yard, then all the toy air-cooled in the house, the rc vans, the model garage of the kitcar being built...** Shut up!

I got the old fpv running stand alone now, i'd forgotten how unimpressive it was. It may need a color camera, and a monitor to replace the b/w eyepiece. Even so, it's still gonna be better than just flying blind when behind tall stuff!

I still haven't quite figured out how i want to do the Airbag servo. This just uses kingpins in vertical barrels, and it looks like i'll need a hinged lift frame and then lots of time working out deciding lever arms and throws.

Turn, Burn, Lights, Ground light, Height. What happend to "i'll just get a truck that looks more at home with a trailer than the bus, or cars"?

2redrovers 10-25-2018 12:24 AM

**looks at my Beetle based kitcar in the back yard, then all the toy air-cooled in the house, the rc vans, the model garage of the kitcar being built...** Shut up!

*wonders how many datsun 240/260z models, hot wheels, rc etc are floating around in the collection??not as many as a Harley owner would have but, but, buuut* ......Hmmm, yeah I'll shut up now too.

Shame it's b/w and not sepia toned... then every drive would be just like in the good ol days :P

"I'll just get.........."
Ha-ha man that's the best joke ever, right up there with "I want the kombi ready for Christmas" :D :D :D :D :D :D

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