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Junkyard Stance 07-20-2016 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Kruzn (Post 1047508)
This is a totally awesome build! LOTS of cool stuff going on here and very realistic. Great job!

I am curious about one thing however...

To the best of my knowledge, all 1:1 Baja kits (nose, trunk lid, fenders, engine cover) were fiberglass. To me, those parts rendered in rusty steel just don't make sense.

I think it would add even more realistic authenticity if the nose, trunk lid, fenders and engine cover were replicated as old, faded, cracked, chipped gelcoat fiberglass.

I'm sure with your modeling and detailing skills, that would be no problem!

I have seen a few Baja Beetles where the builder only used the aftermarket fiberglass nose, trunk lid and engine cover and then took a sawzall to the steel fenders, so it that case the rusty fenders still work.

But ultimately it's your project. So don't mind me if you disagree with my thought process! :lol:


Hi Kruzn - Love the idea of Junkyard fiberglass ! - it's a shame that this one is almost done ( the build is a little ahead of the photos) - but I may have to investigate some technique , and you may well see it in a future build !

Junkyard Stance 07-20-2016 10:29 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Engine Painting
10 Attachment(s)
So, the bodywork is well on it's way to being painted, time to put some colour on that flat six engine

Mostly I paint with an airbrush, but there are some times when you just can't beat a tiny brush - acrylics are my preferred choice wherever possible, and that is what I mostly used on the engine.

As the build was already taking a while, I decided not to sand down any of the printed parts - the nylon plastic does have a micro pitted surface that you can see in some of the photos - with proper sanding and priming it can be eliminated, I'm saving that pleasure for my next build

Some of the engine parts during the paint process

Attachment 102202

Attachment 102203

Attachment 102204

Attachment 102205

Attachment 102206

Attachment 102210

Attachment 102211

Attachment 102212

Attachment 102213

Attachment 102214

Junkyard Stance 07-20-2016 10:38 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Painting the custom body parts
10 Attachment(s)
Here are some of my custom Sand Scorcher body parts going through the paint process - I use a lot of latex masking fluid - or salt flakes - to make off areas where I want the layer underneath to show through

Normally, It always starts with a metallic base coast, then acrylic varnish - then you can use pretty much anything on top, acrylics or enamels - and the metallic base coat should remain looking good

Attachment 102215

Attachment 102216

Attachment 102217

Attachment 102218

Attachment 102219

Attachment 102225

Attachment 102226

Attachment 102227

Attachment 102228

Attachment 102229

Junkyard Stance 07-20-2016 10:44 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Painting the custom body parts
10 Attachment(s)
Fitting the painted body parts to the shell was a very satisfying experience - Many of the parts when through multiple iterations before the fit and the look were both to my liking, so seeing the final designs in place felt good !

Attachment 102230

Attachment 102231

Attachment 102232

Attachment 102233

Attachment 102234

Attachment 102235

Attachment 102236

Attachment 102237

Attachment 102238

Attachment 102239

Junkyard Stance 07-20-2016 10:53 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Window Tint
10 Attachment(s)
It was always my plan to tint the windows on this Scorcher, but I though I'd add a Junkyard twist to the final 'glass'

So, After masking off the outside of the clear Tamiya plastic 'glass'

Attachment 102240

Attachment 102241

I sprayed the inside with a a Tamiya Smoke acrylic, with a touch of green and black added - about 5 coats

Attachment 102242

Attachment 102243

Here the result, with the tape removed

Attachment 102244

Attachment 102245

I then masked off the outside with a windscreen wiper pattern - I also painted over this with masking fluid, just to be sure ( not shown in the photos)

Attachment 102247

Attachment 102246

and then gave the outside a light coast of enamel thinners, and left to dry
It eats into the plastic and removes its sheen, giving a dusty and grimey look to the glass

Attachment 102248

Attachment 102249

hairba11 07-21-2016 08:47 AM

and that action shot is my new desktop, thanks!

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 09:15 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Engine Painting
10 Attachment(s)
So onwards with the Engine painting !
Here's the Porsche cam covers, printed in a high detail material, the letters came out much sharper

Attachment 102271

And fitted to the painted block

Attachment 102272

Attachment 102273

And the Sump Guard

Attachment 102274

The Sump Guard fitted to the block

Attachment 102275

The Induction System, during a red coat

Attachment 102276

and some of the detail parts, the Cooling Fan

Attachment 102277

The Chain Guard

Attachment 102278

While waiting for the final parts to dry, I just couldn't resist starting to balance them together

Attachment 102279

Attachment 102280

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 09:20 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Twin Turbo Air-cooled Porsche Engine
10 Attachment(s)
So with the final parts dry, I could carefully reassemble the flat six engine

Attachment 102281

Attachment 102282

Attachment 102283

Attachment 102284

Attachment 102285

Attachment 102286

And after some mild weathering, the Porsche motor is ready to be fitted back into the Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher

Attachment 102287

Attachment 102288

Attachment 102289

Attachment 102290

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 09:31 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Twin Turbo Air-cooled Porsche Engine
10 Attachment(s)
And now the turbo Porsche engine, fitted back onto the Sand Scorcher SRB chassis

Attachment 102291

Attachment 102292

Attachment 102293

Attachment 102294

Attachment 102295

Attachment 102296

Attachment 102297

Attachment 102298

Attachment 102299

Attachment 102300

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 09:42 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Final Body Spray
10 Attachment(s)
So, there's not a huge amount left to so on this Sand Scorcher - The bodyshell does need its final black coat - the window frames, gutter and door handles are all going to be a sort of junkyard Cal Look, in matt back.
I'm sure there's a better way of doing this - If I has a steadier hand I'd try it freestyle, but since I'm spraying with an airbrush, it's time to mask (for the last time - Yeah ! )

At the start of the process,,

Attachment 102301

Attachment 102302

Attachment 102303

Attachment 102304

and at the end of the process

Attachment 102305

Attachment 102310

Attachment 102306

Attachment 102307

Then, a couple of coast of black acrylic

Attachment 102308

Attachment 102309

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 10:17 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, wiring the LED lights
8 Attachment(s)
Before I do my final 'reveal' of the Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, there is the small matter of wiring up all the LEDs - I've got ten sockets available, so there's going to be a lot of cabling running around the inside of the bodyshell
There's probably a way of cutting the cables shorter where possible - and reattaching a new plug - but I wasn't confident of that!
Instead - I designed a clip, printed in groups of ten

Attachment 102314

Where the hooks alternate in direction

Attachment 102315

I cut them off, and glued them into the inside of the bodyshell

Attachment 102316

this allowed me to run the cables where I wanted them

Attachment 102317

Creating runs all over the inside of the bodyshell

Attachment 102318

Up to the control unit under the front hood/bonnet

Attachment 102319

In the end, they were many cables, but all pretty tidy - and removable

Attachment 102320

Attachment 102321

mibaxx 07-29-2016 10:20 AM

The German word for your scorcher is: M E G A G E I L !!!

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 10:30 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Servo Mount
4 Attachment(s)
One last addition to my Sand Scorcher before I take it out into the dirt and give it a good thrashing - a steering servo mount.
I was never that impressed that Tamiya tell you to stick the servo to the bottom of the electronics box with double sided - What's that all about !

Here's my servo mount, the bottom is face is shaped to fit the lumps and bumps on the bottom of the electronics box

Attachment 102322

and has a pilot hole for fitting to the electronics box - it does require drilling two holes through the box - compromising its 'waterproof' status

Attachment 102323

I'd rather have a secured steering servo, thanks

Attachment 102324

It fits a standard sized servo

Attachment 102325

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by mibaxx (Post 1047704)
The German word for your scorcher is: M E G A G E I L !!!

Cheers Dude !

Junkyard Stance 07-29-2016 11:16 AM

Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, VW Wheels
10 Attachment(s)
So, I'm ending this build with the same custom part that I opened with - my Junkyard Stance ten spoke wheels,

I'm still liking the Tamiya inspired, three part designs

Attachment 102336

and the increased 18mm rear, and 6mm front track

Attachment 102337

But they needed something more -

I've never been that keen on seeing the M4 wheel nut on a 1/10th scale build, so I decided to modify my designs to include an extra lug and pilot hole between every other spoke

Attachment 102338

Attachment 102339

This allowed me to add a VW inspired hub cap, that screws on after the wheel is fitted, and covers the M4 wheel nut

Attachment 102340

At first, I printed them in the nylon material, here's them painted

Attachment 102341

But once the fit was good, I went for Shapeways 'Nickel Polished Steel'

Attachment 102342

The same VW wheel hub, fits the fronts,

Attachment 102343

and the rears

Attachment 102344

And when you add them to a set of Super Grippers, that I spent hours painting with a pin and the contents of a white jelly pen - you've got a unique set of rims worthy of the build

Attachment 102345

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