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frizzen 01-15-2020 11:30 PM

Yale Forklift - NewRay
I've been wanting an rc forklift for a pretty long while. Years ago many of the great 1/14 scale modelers here had some, and made warehouses. I had picked up a static Bruder Linde H30 about a year ago, but it's been pretty slow to plan out converting to rc. Then with so much time watching Loading Wars / Loading Kings it looks like even more fun.
However even the Carson Linde h40 is more than i want to spend to get one here. Do i really need one... Fork yeah!

I just picked up the NewRay Yale with pallet rack and some cargo. I sometimes run Yales at work, and it's a little bigger so i should have some room to work. I think it's based on the Yale VX series, looks really close to the VX60s.

They come set up as 3 channel binary control, runs on 3aa batterys, 9v in the tx. Not that impressive, but still fun. I can see why the old reviews on these weren't great when they were still yellow and Yale branded. It had weak steering one direction, then it gave out within a week of getting it.

Wasn't planning to upgrade until after the Lebanon IN meet, but it changed those plans. Nothing too crazy to start with, just parts i had on hand. 6ch rx, metal gear servo, 2 cheap escs, a blinky rotator light, some 3mm leds, 4aa rx pack.

Later i'll set up another servo for rack tilt, and start working out how much ballast i'll need.

2redrovers 01-16-2020 05:32 AM

Well this is looking like an uplifting build.......

frizzen 01-16-2020 10:46 PM

I had taken a look again at the several rc sparks videos of upgrading the Carson h40 Linde they run on the Loading stuff and went similar but different.

One really nice thing about these Newray vs the Carson forks is the mast lift has retract springs instead of working on gravity, so i don't need to add weight to the fork rack that would take away from how much weight it can lift and still steer.

The small cheap no-name brushed escs are a good fit, it's only pushing 130 motors. Steering servo took a setup i wasn't fully happy with and will probably change if i made another, but it kept it all below the battery rack and might even get me some high speed wobble.
I used a flysky "fs-x6b" rx, and it just happens that board uses the same mount spacing as some posts in the forklift. I don't actually reccomend it since you basically have to make power and ground bus and connect individual signal wires. I kinda like plug&play rx options better.

Battery lives up in the forklifts counterweight, i knocked out the seperators and forward wall to shove battery through. Also hogged out the battery cover stiffeners a little so i wouldn't need to worry about pinching a wire. Stuck some micro JST connectors on because they look pretty similar to scaled down Anderson PowerPoles.

Had to put a yellow beacon on the ROPS... Safety Third.
It's not right to ever try to be a spotter for a forklift without having lights shining directly in your eyes, so i drilled out the square housings for some 3mm leds, all wiring routed down a channel in the ROPS and tapped the yellow beacons harness for power with a resistor. White lights & beacon come on when model turned on.

It takes 3 screws to split the body off the chassis, and now disconnecting Light and Battery connectors to completely remove it.

Dropped a bruder figure in the seat, probably needs a seatbelt.
It's got a cup holder on the bulkhead, so i opened that up and shaved the bottom of a coke bottle. Had to pop the cap and drill the mouth of the bottle. I prefer a gatorade bottle in pocket of cargo pants, but he's not going to be on&off the fork as much.

Think i'm probably going to need to order some decals for this after i paint the black parts. Could use some weathering.

JerryCan 01-17-2020 05:46 AM

Man there is some cramming going on in there. That body does not offer much in the way of room., for sure.

Some video I saw, had an operable steering wheel for the driver, slick as hell.


frizzen 01-18-2020 05:09 PM

Yeah it's tight, but actually this machine had a little more room inside than i was expecting.
I'd thought about trying to go moving steering wheel, but don't think there's enough room to keep it looking right. I'd either have to lose the steering column, or put a bulky box

Still looks pretty similar to stock, wish i had the yellow Yale version, but i think i've got a pretty good plan for a company livery based off the orange-red

I should have screwed on the battery cover, but i was in a hurry

frizzen 01-28-2020 04:28 AM

I was hoping this might be of interest to more of you. These really let you go nuts flexing your scaleness

Found a couple logos i'm trying do decide between, fixed the stripe, made a bigger rack, made some wood pallets, scrounging some cargo...

JerryCan 01-28-2020 05:39 AM

That has really come together and is interesting. The proportions are correct, bet it is fun and takes no room to have it.

The warehouse has some mammoth bricks .............LMAO


heartless 01-28-2020 04:46 PM

1 Attachment(s)
hmmm... needs an lp tank on the back end.. I could help you out with that. ;)

unless this is supposed to be one of them all electric ones..

short one is a "standard" 20lb size in 1/10 scale - tall ones are 40lb size

JerryCan 01-28-2020 04:56 PM

Good one


2redrovers 01-28-2020 09:57 PM

I think it would look perfect with a tank on the back. Most of the ones here are run on LPG unless they're outside all the time. You could be sneaky and use it to hide extra stuff inside it.

Not sure if if I've ever seen these scale forks for sale over here. Probably not paying attention if I have though. I like your warehouse and if your bus ever breaks down (he says trying to hold in a snicker) you can just roll the forklift out and carry it back to the shop. I've done it to that Kombi I was working on with my little electric walk n fork before I had a shop hoist.... Was the fastest it's ever gone uphill hehehe

frizzen 01-29-2020 01:17 AM

It doesn't take much room to set up and operate, and it's a pretty technical driving style. Yep, this warehouse is in a bunker designed to withstand the end of the world. Or it could be the planter seperating my living room and dining room. Probably the bunker.

I could do a propane unit. Any chance of a 1/14 scale one, or some measurements of yours so i can check against how big the real tanks are? One could probably fill up with shot pretty nicely

I'm not sure what's available down there rover. I got this NewRay from vat19.
There are several rc forks that seem to change mfg depending on who sells it Huina/TopRace and a few others between 1/10 and 1/20 scales.
Carson seems to be the best out of the box.
Robbie went discontinued years ago.
Lesu makes hydro, if you want to play rc forklift like it's your job
Metalhobi i havent heard much about, but hydro and side-shift.

heartless 01-29-2020 05:36 AM

I would have to print one up but it can easily be tweaked to 1/14 scale if I had an idea of how big it needed to be.
oh, and these are printed in one piece, so any "filling" would have to be done during printing, or have to drill a hole after the fact.

frizzen 02-05-2020 10:56 PM

These pics from this Lebanon IN meet have been stolen from wolfws6. Thank you.

Somebody brought these docks

They also had one of the old Robbie forklifts, so i got to check that out a little.

Anyway, i snuck over and put some stuff on them to operate my fork. Turns out 'loading docks' are not good at being 'warehouses'.
I also need to mod a little more to crank my steering even tighter, it's much better than stock, but for tight use it probably needs somewhere between drift car and shopping cart.

Huh, that one is not my fork. Mine has the full Yale blackout stripe.

Got some measurements on the propane tanks on the real ones
Bottom ring 9.25" d
Top ring 10.5" d
Middle dia - don't have good way to measure while on unit
Overall length 28.5

2redrovers 02-06-2020 04:25 AM

Middle diameter = measure circumference?

Looks like a fun get together, do you know if there's any video around? Have to say I would have been thoroughly tempted to lift the Jonny and hoik it down the road......

frizzen 02-06-2020 07:55 PM

Yeah, but round doesn't work well with a steel tapemeasure. Plus he already has a propane bottle file that looks close, so if it scales near the number i did get it should be good.

I haven't seen videos from here pop up yet, but if they do you'll probaly hear the "micro mini tractor pullers" and wish you had muted it earlier.

I wasn't sure who the portapot toilet belonged to, or i totally would have!
With my luck there'd be a police chase... even if i had speed or range for a chase, people working for Lao Che never seem to win those.

However i did end up leaving a 1/14 scale skeleton standing in that toilet, and many others buried in the crumb rubber piles. *Allegedly*

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