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Jackson4 08-22-2019 03:01 AM

MMC Smart Battery to Keep Safe and Continous Flight
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MMC TI 22000 is a battery management system with charge and discharge management functions designed for aircraft with a capacity of 22,600 mAh, a voltage of 26.1 V and 20 C rate. The intelligent battery board has built-in accurate voltage, current and temperature acquisition. It adopts accurate capacitance statistics technology, which can provide significant help for the flight control strategy or data indication of the flight control. At the same time, it has its own internal battery balance function to extend the battery life, and comes with overshoot, overcurrent, overvoltage short circuit protection, providing a greater security environment for battery use.


1. Quick release

It is easy to assemble and dissemble TI 22000 for ultra-convenience

2. Real-time voltage, current and battery display

3. Short-circuit and overheat protection

4. Auto power releasing protection

When the battery is over 70% full and not in use after 10 days, TI22000 will switch into self-discharge mode for protection.

5. Balance protection

TI22000 can balance its internal battery cell voltage to protect the battery

6. Over-charge protection

When the battery is fully charged, it will stop charging to protect the battery.

7. Charging temperature protection

When the battery charges under 5℃ or above 40℃, it is easy to get damaged, so TI22000 will stop charging under reaching these temperature levels.

8. Over discharge protection

Over discharge can severely damage the battery. When the battery is not in use for flight, it will cut down discharge when the battery reaches certain voltage.

9. Battery cell damage detect

When the battery detects cell damage or imbalance, a notification will be sent.

10. Sleep Mode Protection

When the battery is on but not connected to any devices, it will close output after 20 minutes and close itself to maintain power. When the battery power is lower than 10%, it will enter into sleep mode after 6 hours to prevent over discharge.

11. Communication

Drones could read battery information like voltage, battery quantity, current through communication connector in the battery.


Nominal Voltage—22.6V
Nominal Capacity—22600mAh
Charging Voltage—26.1V(4.35V/Cell)
Charging Current—20A
Working Temperature(discharge)— -10℃-60℃
Working Temperature(charge)—0℃-45℃
Storage Temperature— -10℃-35℃
Static Power—30uA
Dynamic Current—10mA

Jackson4 08-22-2019 09:36 PM

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