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Default Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Gear Casing

A quick aside before I mount that Porsche engine on the Sand Scorcher - I decided that a matt black gearbox casing would help show of the flat six to best effect - So I stripped that sucker down

Name:  01_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7285.JPG
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Size:  89.9 KB

Masked off the outside of the transparent covers

Name:  02_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7283.JPG
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Size:  90.3 KB

A few coats of matt black on the inside

Name:  03_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7517.JPG
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Size:  94.7 KB

And when dry, with the masking tape removed

Name:  04_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7523.JPG
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Size:  96.1 KB

And the metal casing after primer, and two coats of black

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7518.JPG
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Size:  87.4 KB

And all the parts,

Name:  06_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7525.JPG
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Size:  96.2 KB

Were ready to be reassembled

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7522.JPG
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Size:  94.1 KB
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