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Default Old School Sun Visor

One of the best aspects of a custom Sand Scorcher build is the 60+ years of inspiration to be had from all the cool 1:1 Beetles out there.

So next up, a retro sun visor for the windscreen, here's my plans:

Name:  001_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_SunVisor_onWhite_A1.jpg
Views: 3828
Size:  77.1 KB

And on the 3D model:

Name:  002_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_Sun-Visor_Cam-Front-02a_wLicPlate copy.jpg
Views: 3897
Size:  71.7 KB

Here's the first test print:

Name:  003_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5721.JPG
Views: 3706
Size:  81.2 KB

The brackets are attached on the inside in a simple "tree" arrangement, which also helped the part stay upright in the print process:

Name:  004_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5724.jpg
Views: 3704
Size:  83.5 KB

Which needed trimming off before use:

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5748.JPG
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Size:  87.4 KB

Here's a test fit on the unpainted shell:

Name:  006_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5801.jpg
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Size:  73.1 KB

And in black primer:

Name:  007_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5941.JPG
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Size:  85.3 KB

Name:  008_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5944.JPG
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