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Default Junkyard Stance, Spot lights and roof mount

On a custom Scorcher you got to have a set of roof mounted spot lights.

While we're on the subject of lights - IMHO it's a shame Tamiya didn't build the 2010 Sand Scorcher re-release with fitting points for 3mm or 5mm LEDs for the front and rear lights, something I'm planning to add into this build in due course.

Here's plans for my roof mounted spots, with roll-cage ( with room for 3mm LEDs ):

Name:  01_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher__Spot-Cage_onWhite_A1.jpg
Views: 3720
Size:  88.8 KB

And how it should fit on the Scorcher:

Name:  02_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher__Spot-Cage_Cam-Front-01b_wLicPlate copy.jpg
Views: 3757
Size:  72.4 KB

And the first test print:

Name:  03_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5704.JPG
Views: 3676
Size:  87.3 KB

Inside, there's a clear acrylic part for the spot light glass - my first go with a material other than the white nylon:

Name:  04_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5730.JPG
Views: 3580
Size:  80.2 KB

However, I've decided that for future designs, unless the part-tree is very simple, like with the "glass", I will be printing parts separately:

Name:  06_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5747.JPG
Views: 3648
Size:  74.9 KB

Trimming the tree into the required bits was not to my liking:

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_5741.JPG
Views: 3681
Size:  68.5 KB

So, I reprint the 5 nylon parts individually, first the roll-cage mount:

Name:  07_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7071.JPG
Views: 3649
Size:  73.6 KB

then the four LED holders/spot lamps:

Name:  08_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7073.JPG
Views: 3665
Size:  73.7 KB

Name:  09_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7074.JPG
Views: 3555
Size:  76.8 KB

Here's a close up of the assembled part before painting:

Name:  10_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7077.JPG
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Size:  84.8 KB

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