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Default Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Cast alloy wing mirrors

We're nearly at the point where I will stop grumbling about Tamiya stock parts and get on to something more exciting, but not quite.

The wing mirrors ! Pretty flimsy and naff looking. What would be cool is a robust, cast metal part that uses the original mirrored plastic and fitting, won't break the first time you put the shell on it's side - and one that looks a bit more, well,,, scale

Here are my plans:

Name:  01_nd_JY-S_SS_ArtWork_Wing-Mirrors_onWhite_A1.jpg
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And on the 3D Scorcher:

Name:  02_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_WingMirrors_Cam-Front-01a_wLicPlate.jpg
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Name:  03_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_WingMirrors_Cam-Back-02_wLicPlate copy.jpg
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Before trying a cast metal part from Shapeways for the first time - it is 3D printed in a waxy resin material, which is destroyed when it is then used as the cast for the alloy part - I decided to test my prototype in another new print material - Frosted Ultra Detail:

Name:  04_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_6209.jpg
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It looked great, with superb detail, but a lot more brittle that the nylon.

The part broke the first time I put the body shell on it's side

It did, however, survive long enough to know the fit was good, and I ordered the cast alloy wing mirror - in what Shapeways call "Polished Black Steel"

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7268.jpg
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The tolerances in the metal part is slightly different, with the minimum thickness going up from .7mm ( on the nylon ) to 1mm on metal parts.
The surface id also slight rough and pitted, meaning the Tamiya mirrored plastic part needed sanding round the edges to fit:

Name:  06_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7282.jpg
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It went in with a little coaxing

Name:  07_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7278.jpg
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I used the original rubber O ring to fasten, and although it would come loose with rough treatment, is pretty firmly fixed in place to the touch

Name:  08_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7612.jpg
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I got quite excited at ths point, happy with the results, so "mirrored" - excuse the pun - the part in the 3D software I use, and ordered the other side !

Name:  09_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_7274.jpg
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