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Originally Posted by dremu View Post
Hmm. "Prints on any 3D printer" (as long as you switch to a stainless nozzle, prolly metal tube rather than PTFE, etc) ... although come to think, I have a spare head for the Qidi, set up for high-temp, which might be all of those things. More to read up on.
print temps are basically the same as for PLA, but yeah, you would probably want at least a hardened nozzle - it could eat up a standard brass one in no time.

I got a sample of the copper (their first offering) at a Maker Faire a few years ago and tried it out (did not get it sintered, however) and it was basically pretty easy to print with, altho kind of brittle, so no hard bends going into the hotend, unless you use a warmer to preheat it a little to make it more flexible. Had to slow the speed down just a little, too - kind of like using PETG - a bit more viscous than standard PLA.

Printed a chess piece just cause.. it didnt come out too bad. Pic is straight off the printer.

My setups use an overhead spool holder, so it was no problem for me on the open frame printer, but could be for those that hang the spool off the side, or sit it next to the printer.

Originally Posted by dremu View Post
Frank's coming along, this last weekend was a 3-day holiday for me, so he got torn down for paint. Sadly he's not very photogenic in this state, looks like a naked featherless chicken, albeit in OD green.

-- A

quite the imagery, lol
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