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^ Yeah, I've got that guy's videos in my CNC research folder, and I've watched them several times. It's a good looking rig. He's also building a Delta 3D printer.

If it hasn't been obvious, I really can't decide on a design with which to start my first machine. This is really aggravating. I've had a very serious nerve/joint injury to my right elbow related to my autoimmune problems recently, and the urgency to get this project running has stepped up. If I want to continue building things, especially if I'm forced to relocate to a much smaller workspace, this may well become the heart of my shop. What that means is I have to quit hedging and pick a design (even if it's my own) and go for it. I've resigned myself to learning Sketchup to work a lot of this out. If money were no object, I'd just buy a well-established kit and go from there. Unfortunately it is a serious object that's really more of an obstacle.
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