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Originally Posted by sgl View Post
I purchased a set of these just to see what they were like. First the name is a bit pretentious and ungainly. Second they list these as suitable for 1/24th and 1/18th scale vehicles. They really aren't suitable for 1/18th. Fortunately I have a set of Losi Scale AT tires and rc4wd Rok Lox sitting around to compare these too. Here are a few pictures.

The Losi AT's have the stiffest side walls. Next are the Rock Lox and by far the softest are the TTC claws. They are not a tire you would consider running with out foams. That said they are very tunable with different foam inserts. In conclusion I like them better than the Losi MCRC AT's. with four link the rc4wd Rok Lox's. For leaf spring micros I think the ZJ-Bing's mau just work the best. I'll mount them and see.
Have you run the ZJ Bing? What's the verdict? I am looking for soft wall crawler tyres for my 1/18 rc4wd.
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