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Rc truck and construction is announcing the new 'Indy toy truck & contractor Show' replacement.

Ok, so we lost out with the grant for this year.

But we have a building. It's big enough, about same size as what we had at the back to fifties show. Which oddly enough was more space by sqft then we had at Indy.

The mini pullers will not join us in January. It's too early for their "Runoff & test it before the season" timeline.

Cost - 20$ per adult driver (over 16) for the weekend.

Our room cost is $785 for the weekend. If we have fewer than 40 drivers then I will cover the difference and next year's will cover me.
Travis is looking into a raffle for a prize that could offset a desparity.
If we have more than 40 drivers then we will start a kitty for supplies, like duct tape, with the collected money.

Set up is January 19th
We are all out by early evening of the 21st.

If we have a good turnout, then we will get a bigger space next year. But the room cost goes up as well. So iff we get the word out and increase drivers then the per drive would go down. So talk to your buddies, and get more there.

I expect to keep the date the same if at all possible - (3rd weekend of January) but this is not totally in our control.

I had explained previously why I was so firm with the toy show people. I want and expect to get to a point where we have assistance from either the Tourist board or from a seller to assist with room cost. But at this time we must cover our own cost.
For those who like to have an audience (spectators), I implore you to bring friends and family.

It's a really good show if you're anywhere in Indiana and even remotely interested in 1/14 scale Cars, Trucks, Semis, Excavators, Bulldozers, Tractors.... April show 50s show

It's a great time, the workmanship is incredible, and if you can find me i'll even let ya drive something. Frizzen / Jeremy B.
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