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The whole time i've had the car, I'd been bummed about the ruined white paint, but i found out Iso-alcohol got the old gas schmoo cleaned off pretty easily.

So in celebration, it got chromed wiper arms. Then since the best looking cop car wheel setup is black steelies with dogbowls/babymoons and beauty rings, i added the set of chrome rings.

I knocked together a rear strut-tower brace, which is more of a rear body support and package tray through the back window. I'm probably going to punch the on/off switch up through it if i can find some kind of 'cop junk' like a hat or gun to make into a switch hider.

I shared this car over on the 'Cox engine forum' since it started life as a Cox product. Somebody liked the bus, so here's many VWs.

I'd finally ordered some sirens from Evan Designs. I'm happy to be able to know for sure the "9v" option works great off a 7.2 stick pack. I didn't check it on 4.5 - 6v rx voltage yet. It will still take an RX Switch and a Servo to run the Police siren remote.

It has a momentary button to toggle sirens, Adam 12 can use the siren in mode 2 or 4. All the sounds in sequence (1) and phaser (3) just don't fit early 70s american cops.
A 'Police siren' will also be getting installed in the Econoline Ambulance, all sounds will work without being too weird for that vehicle.

I'm calling it close enough to a Federal Signal PA20A.

I also got their Fire Siren for my dads FWD fire engine, it's a great Federal Q that winds up nicely but doesn't free roll down, they're a little heavy on the Grover airhorns. Guess i'm going to be really pushy on the way to the scene. I'll definately need one for my American LaFrance project later, probably with an upgrade speaker. Screaming Q!!!

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