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Yeah I have always run the cheapest wheels I could buy...

Usually Axial beadlocks, or rc4wd steelies...

But I decided to splurge on this rig and go with some really nice rims. Ordered the Recluse btw, wideners and the wide 885 hubs for front, and 665 for the rear. all said about $120. Rings will be another $30 or so, when the Tarantulas come back in stock.

I dried out the foams over night and everything weighed up @ 2lbs, 5oz. so heavier than I thought, but then I hav the Axial wheel weight kit up front(4oz) and dense foams in the rig. probably making up for the rest of the weight.
Going to run her today, as the wifey is spendin the day with her mom. Planning on a long run with the Doggo. I have 22,000 mah charged up lol.
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