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C'mon Photobucket, fix our pictures!!!!!!

One minor issue I have with this car, is when I plant the throttle, the engine rocks back in their front and rear engine mount.
Don't know which one is the most worn, but I guess it's the rear one.
Upon searching for engine mounts, I've found these:

Orginal or OEM mounts cost more than those above, and since they are bit known to get worn after I while, I think I get the poly ones.
And since the ones above have slots in them, they are not as harsh as solid items.

The cheap led bulbs in the last section, turned out not to last very long.
One has a intermittent problem and firstly flicker for a while before it goes dark about 5-10 min drive..
A second led is slighty less bright as the other ones, and I guess that one is on its way out as well.

So later I need some new dashboard bulbs, but are not paying 15 bucks pr bulb from Volvo, so I need better quality but with a less costly price tag.
While I was searching high and low about dashboard bulbs I stumbled on a link to this site:

Site is looking a bit suspect, bit those who has bought from this site says they have no complains.
And they have a massive selection of each type of bulbs, both led and Incandescent.
In my case I need New Wedge 4.2, commenly refered to as a T4 bulb (has a 10mm base and 90 degree twist lock.
Sees plenty of vehicles use that bulb, but there is not much info out there.
I know Volvo, Saab, Jeep among others use these, depending on year and model.

Hope the last link will help others too if you are looking for automotive bulbs of any type.
You just need to know what to look for
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