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Good turn out for round 1,results
1st 2labs
3rd Smartie
4th Graham 71
5th Foxtrail
6th jakub
7th Pete S
8th jbl
9th pip d
10th John d
11th Carparkthrasher
12th Willkrawl
13th Rob d
14th Nelly lc70
15thmark b

Class 2
1st Foxtrail
2nd John d
3rd Graham 71
4th pip d
5th Rob D
6th jbl
7th Carparkthrasher
8th Pete S
9th 2labs
10th Willkrawl
11th woody UK
12th jakub
13 remark b
14th suzuki
15th Paul
16th Carl c

Class 3
1st 2labs
2nd Foxtrail
3rd Pete s
4th Willkrawl
5th Graham 71
6th jbl
7th Carparkthrasher
8th John d
9th pip d

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