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Can I have the blazer back.....
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Originally Posted by Willezcr8 View Post
My wife said the same thing.
I now have a make-shift paint booth with a large cardboard box. I try to do little things when she's not here and it mostly dissipates by the time she gets home. But...don't ever tell her she uses too much fingernail polish(smells just like paint), or you'll suffer her wrath too. Boy, that was a mistake.

One day I will build me a small paint booth. scale would even be more cool.

Got this far.
For those interested, I blew up a whole stock interior. Separated seats, console etc.... built a new floor, that now hides the ugly gap under body...etc.
Flocked and paintage. Lots of little details left on the door cards but paint is a drying.

More soon. Thanks for looking and enjoy.
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