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Originally Posted by caprinut View Post
Hey, I remember you lol

I have not seen many Sawback's, wonder why as they seems to be a great chassis, and who donŠt like leaf springs???

Regarding the steering rod, you could move it above the leaf spring and some spacers under the rod ends to lift them.
Should be enough space for the link from servo as well.
You may have to add a spacer between those linkages to make them clear eachother.
Hey caprinut! Yeah I bought this chassis in poor shape for pretty cheap, but I put some love into it and now it is back in operation. It articulates pretty good with the leaf springs too. No shocks in the back lol so it is a bit bouncy.

I did try to mount the steering rod above the leaf spring at some point, but I don't quite remember what did not work though lol Given the bar is smaller than the rod ends, it tends to catch on the leaf springs when I steer and the link is near the leaf (in a flex situation). I'll play with it again a bit to see if I can make that work better, fine tuning like you suggested.
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