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I am using a 6000mah 7.2 , it's mounted in the dash . When you remove the 2 windshield fold down release screws the dash panel lifts out of the way and the battery is installed inside . I am trying to make it as scale under as on top . This can be very hard to do with a open top Jeep. The sound/light module , receiver and the shift servo will be mounted in the fuel tank . I had a friend print me a fuel tank ,I've mounted it with the proper tank straps . hopefully when done the only thing that you will be able to see thats out of place will be the steering servo but I am going to try to make a rad the covers most of it . I am also looking for a dummy engine to get thing real under the hood .any ideas , it can't be too tall because I've raised the motor . I have about 45mm in height before I'm into hood scoops LOL
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