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Yeah, because those things bother me *so much* right now...

Unless this was the earlier coach built version, it looks like this 'Doka' is somewhere between 1958-61.
The factory Doppelkabine Pritschewagen didn't come out until 1958, and the small Bullet front turnsignals went to the bigger Fisheye signals in 1961.

The taillights are odd since for those years they should have been small round, and they didn't go oval until 1962 and later. It's custom, and owner got tired of people trying to ram it at stops from 'not seeing' tiny lights...
That's a better story than shave them and redo it.
Although a shave and redo could probably use 3mm leds. Probably could make front bullets into 3mm, but the headlights would probably need new lenses made. So not sure it's really worth it.

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