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Nice. Glad to hear you are joining the Circuit 1000 Club. I try and update this thing as often as possible and with as much information as possible so it can be useful and helpful for those who want to follow along.

I hand cut some racing stripes and used some of the various left over decals to put some livery on the Mica Red Tomahawk.

Finished painting the Tub, body, and wing for the Repro Turbo Scorpion this past weekend.

So here we are with some more custom mods and assembly. This time I am sharing my fix for the front shock mounts so the Body can "drop-on" easier on all the Scorpion variants.

The chassis rails were cut using a CNC Router and it leaves some tooling marks. The rails were wet-sanded using 400 grit & then 600 grit sandpaper until the tooling marks were gone. Some Turtle Wax was then used to lightly polish the rails once the sanding was completed.

Here sits the new machined Chassis Rails, Extended Front Carbon Shock Towers with the 2.5mm Carbon Spacers, and Carbon Rear Suspension Plate that are going to be the NEW foundation for the Repro Turbo Scorpion.

Thanks for checking out the buggies. - Arco
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