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Cox also had a nascar version of this, a van, and a couple other cars. It was a step up from control line since it steered itself you didn't get dizzy. This will be electric once i can come up with a suitable rear axle solution.

I might as well go with the sidetrack of this thread.

I like emergency stuff.

Ok the ambulance is a little small.

I haven't done measurements, but this truck is probably worth putting a tamiya semi under.

Mmm fire truck

Not bad looking for 55. It's not the age, it's the milage.

Don't just watch from the bushes, any other thread of mine is fair game to talk about whatever. Makes it seem less like the crazy-man talking to himself about toys.
However, i don't know much about your laws, I believe most legal council would suggest "don't talk to the police'.' So this thread might be questionable

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