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Greg, refer to reply# 714, last picture; I'm going to remove that wall, build the wood crib wall, backfill the gap and hopefully whatever dirt is left will refill this hole without any excess. I'm going to move to my parents farm sometime late March -early April, I want to finnish this basement excavation before I leave.

JensR, no I wasn't joking. These rc's aren't heavy enough to cause them any harm... that's right, I said them. To my surprise I discovered a couple nights ago that there's atleast three of them now.

Last Sunday this the amount of dirt before I started hauling...

And by evenings end I got this much out, about thrity five loads.

This is the total to date that I've taken from the basement, though not all of it is there as I've used some of it around the yard to fill in holes & low areas. This subsoil clay packs as hard as cement. I taketh away from the side of my house with my farm FEL to pile it over there.

Now here is the pile to move out today.

I use the 850, as it's just four scoops to fill the trk.

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